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Classifieds » Recreation » online carnatic music classes

online carnatic music classes


If you have become tired of searching ‘Carnatic music classes near me, then this course would be the solution to all your worries. The mentor has formulated the curriculum so that learners will attain a basic understanding of Carnatic music’s melody, pitch, and beats. These Carnatic music classes will train you to know basic technical terms, sitting postures and movement of hands.

During introductory classes, you will learn about Carnatic music features: Swaravali, Upper Sthayi, Lower Sthayi, Sapta Thala Alankara and Jantai varisai. At the end of these online Carnatic music classes, students would have learnt about the essence of classical music, built voice and position swara of Carnatic music.

 28 Mar - 24 Apr 2022
     Mon, Sat 16:00