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High Yield Property Club

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Kevin Doodney

Kevin Doodney, Founder High Yield Property Club

Kevin Doodney is Australia’s leading expert in cutting-edge residential property strategies shaping the future of housing, has over 40 years of experience in real estate, and is the Founder & Chairman of The Future Housing Task Force and High Yield Property Club. Kevin has been involved with over 20,000 personal transactions and over $2 billion in real estate deals. Kevin has helped investors build over 1,000 properties yielding 8% or better in high-demand high-growth submarkets.

Kevin’s innovations have been featured on Channel 7 Better Homes & Gardens, A Current Affair, ABC Television, 4BC, The Courier-Mail, Quest Newspapers, and more.

Investors Shaping The Future Of Housing

Kevin and The High Yield Property Club team aims to provide practical solutions to the huge housing problems in Australia through innovative Smarter Smaller properties which offer a win/win for everybody involved.

Investors have a huge, virtually untapped opportunity for high-return, social impact property investments. These investments will allow investors to create replacement passive income much

Renters get high-quality, tech-smart living spaces & micro-communities that are affordable, beautiful, and practical.

Australia benefits from more people being able to rent and buy homes and investment properties.

Here are some examples of what Kevin has helped his clients achieve:

  1. In the Next Gen Boarding house space, high demand rentals are fetching long waiting lists of quality tenants, and 8%+ returns. One client is making over $1 million per year passive income from this.

  2. 6 homes on 680sqm, and 3 homes on 350sqm - creating huge uplift in the value of the portfolio and return

  3. NDIS housing with 8% plus returns

  4. Mortgage-Free Homes as featured build on Better Homes and Gardens. The return pays all mortgage costs & creates income from their principal place of residence.

  5. Smarter Smaller Homes - 2 homes at 120sqm each instead of a 4-bedroom home on the same block. On completion, Kevin handed over 2 titles, $200K uplift and $900.00 per week instead of $450.00.

There are heavily under-supplied Australian sub-markets that are booming right now amidst the Covid crisis and beyond.

The next 12-24 months offer an unprecedented opportunity for investors to amass serious property wealth, whilst genuinely making a difference to the lives of Australians.

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Phone: 1800 10 1000