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Australian Bush Spices

  • A true taste of the Australian bush, the native ingredients in Spice Zen Aussie Bush Spice Blend have been utilised by indigenous Australians for thousands of years and are now finding favour with chefs the world over. Our Aussie Bush Spice Blend is a versatile mix of herbs and spices that have been either wild-harvested, organically grown or sourced from local pesticide-free farms. Australian Bush Spices

    Earthy, nutty Roasted Wattle Seeds, zesty and fragrant Lemon Myrtle and caramel-tinged Bush Tomato will instantly bring wild, Australian outback flavours to any roast, grill or stir fry. Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry adds a sweet, mild spicy kick and an inviting aroma to the table, while Saltbush, a desert shrub from the western plains of NSW lends a savoury spike without the addition of regular salt. Australian Herbs and Spices

    This uniquely Australian blend is a perfect accompaniment for almost any savoury dish and is especially appetising as a marinade or rub for barbecued meat or seafood. Try it with kangaroo meat to recreate an authentic bush tucker meal at home, or use it to add mouth-watering flavour to chicken, fish, eggplant, sweet potatoes and spuds.