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Social media marketing is a must-have for businesses in 2022

  • With the advent of technologies, social media has become a go to place to grow your brand, learn, and find new opportunities.

    The demand of social media platforms media are growing tremendously with time, businesses are shifting more towards social media platforms for building audiences and growing their brand.

    According to a research conducted by The Buffer, 89% companies use social media marketing and believe it’s crucial for a company to focus on social media marketing.

    It’s evident that businesses rely heavily on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok to attract customers and grow their brands by creating engaging content and connecting with potential customers.

    In fact, social media will continue to be an important aspect of marketing stargues in 2022 as well. If you’re curious to know how social media can have a huge impact on businesses, then are a few compelling reasons to amaze you:

    Although in B2B businesses, companies sell their products to other businesses, marketing is built on human relationships. Social media has become the platform where you can build human relationships and connect with more potential businesses.

    It’s absolutely fine if there’s no in person meeting, as social media has become an outlet to connect with prospects and partners.

    Here are a few reasons to believe why social media is important for business in 2022:

    1. Build Brand Awareness

    With easy access through social media platforms, companies can provide an entire overview of their services they offer, products, and update their audiences about their company, employees and brand.

    In fact, if B2B leaders can raise the voice of their employees, they can reach more people and can grow their brand further. You can imagine when every employee has networks and each network has more networks, and these networks are connected to more people, making it far easier to reach and build more connections.

    2. Generate leads

    The drill of the social media world is quite simple: the more engagement the higher the chances of attracting leads. You can do it by bringing more social media engagement.

    To survive and thrive on social media platforms, you need to create engaging and indifferent content by incorporating trending ideas and posting videos, data, news. This will ensure that you build credibility with customers and will also attract huge leads.

    3. Nurture leads

    Social media enables you to attract leads and build strong relationships with the leads. Social media marketers and sales teams can do it by social proofing, empowering their thoughts and leadership pieces. They can address the customers' issues. This also brings more credibility and trust.

    4. Implement social listening

    Build good relationships with your customers and listen more to what they’re trying to convey about your brand. This way you it will allow you to review a candid feedback. It’s wise to always take feedback in a constructive manner. In fact, it create a room for improvement in the weaker areas of your company while embracing the best services of your business.

    5. Measure marketing efforts

    KPI enables you to track your company's performance and key aspects of your brand. You can also consider investing in social media management tools such a buffer, Hootsuite etc. to effectively manage the social media management.

    Furthermore, EMV (Earned media value) gives you a glimpse of what if you invest in paid ads, what would be the cost of organic social media engagement and reach.

    6. Build Brand Authenticity

    The more active your brand is on social media, the higher the chances of building trust with your potential customers. Also, if other people are spreading positive views about your brand or services to a greater network, it would increase the likelihood of others trusting their views and believing in your brand.

    7. Drive through leadership

    Social media is a great platform to grow your audiences and learn more about the interests and problems of others. In fact, social media enables you to build leadership qualities by addressing and solving the problems. There are ample ways to solve the customer’s problems by creating webinars , how-to guides, and content to help people connect deeper with you to build more trust.

    8. Grow your audience

    Undoubtedly, social media usage has been accelerated in past years and masses are drifting towards accessing these platforms as social media not only leaves a room for redressal of grievances , but also is a great platform to leverage their voices, shows what others like and what’s trending. You can solve the market problems with the leadership qualities resulting in attracting more customers and massively growing your audiences.

    9. Build a strong community

    The more audience engagement, the more active is the community. You can spread the word amongst your employees and customers for intermediate share, comment and like of the content to increase the reach and grow your audience.

    10. Stay top of the mind of people

    Social media thought leadership is the best way to attract the attention of stakeholders and decision makers. Make the most of utilization of webinars, podcasts, on-pager, ebooks, and other ways to solve problems and to reach more people.

    This will help you to grow your customers and will create more engagement. What's better than connecting with your future prospective customers?


    It’s never too late to reinforce your social media strategies and marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you start it from scratch or encourage the employees to create the personal brands, what matters is that it should result in increase in audiences and engagement.

    These were the reasons for why should you use effectively the social media strategies and how massively it can transform your business.

    Create engaging content, spread leadership thoughts and devise some effective social media strategies to increase your customers resulting in generating higher revenues.

    Author Bio:

    Sidharth Jain, Proud Founder of GraffersID, a award winning IT Staff Augmentation Company, helping startups who have the potential to make it big. Also offering business to hire dedicated ReactJS developers on contractual basis according to their project requirement. GraffersID as a brand, trusted by startups in YC| Harvard| Coca-Cola. 80 percent of our clients raised funding within 1 month.


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