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  • In September 1972, Palestinian terrorists, posing as athletes, are able to infiltrate the reasonably unsecured athlete's village for the Summer Olympic Video games in Munich, exactly where they consider Israeli athletes and coaches hostages, the release of who they think about illegally held Arab prisoners in Israel the requested ransom. As the Israeli government refuses to barter, the terrorists, who finish up staying often called Black September, turn out killing eleven of All those hostages. Outside of the official Israeli response towards the massacre, the Israeli government kinds a covert group whose mission should be to assassinate Those people eleven they see as responsible that reside within the western world. This group will likely have no Formal ties to the government or Mossad, which include to their official unofficial handler, Ephraim. While not an noticeable preference within the surface area, they decide on as as head of the disparate 5 male staff Avner Kaufman, a Mossad agent, previous bodyguard to Key Minister Golda Meir and son of the respected Israeli military chief. Because the workforce goes regarding their mission, they agree to disagree about lots of facets of the things they are doing, like its purpose and what collateral injury is considered satisfactory. They also have to alter designs determined by the response by the Arab for their killings. Avner and the workforce will learn the strains movies to watch involving who is considered a friend and an enemy can frequently be blurred.