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Chilipad Review » Believe In The Run

  • What customers are saying quotes I want I had this when I was pregnant with my six kids! Since you get so hot and then you're cold all the ups-and-downs and postpartum when you're sweating continuously.- Katie Wells, Acclaimed Blog Writer, Author, and Podcaster quotes I used to awaken throughout the night & be putting in sweat.

    I quite literally utilize it everyday, going on 1 year now, and I'm in fact sleeping and feeling better than ever.- Carl, Verified Buyer, Yotpo Customer estimates @bubbawallace When you forget to set your sleep schedule but your buddy knows your #OOLER temperature level so you can still catch the cool zzz's-- the perks of being a #Chili, Sleeper.- Bubba Wallace, Professional Racing Driver.

    Sleeping, for many of my life, was never much of a problem for me. Last year, my previously unencumbered sleep dealt with an unforeseen challenge: periodic night sweats., for an assortment of reasons that range from extreme heat in the bed room to eating too lots of spicy foods prior to bed.

    The Chilipad Sleep System is a bed mattress pad that links, through a long, flat tube, to a temperature-regulating cube. To utilize it, chili sleep you put water into the cube (more details on that in a moment) and set a temperature level from a dial on the cube or a remote control that comes with it.

    The cube is where the magic happens, heating and cooling water (depending on what the user desires when they sleep), before pumping the temperature-controlled water through the tube into the pad, which is filled with smaller sized silicone tubes. On its website, the Chilipad's makers claim sleeping on it increases sleep quality, makes users revitalized throughout the day, banishes night sweats, and restores "natural rhythms" (this one is from a video testimonial from person who wrote a book called "Paleo Manifesto").