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What are some good books on research methodology?

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    No research is complete without information. The data collected for conducting research not only helps gain insight into the field but also aids in generating good research material/ thesis or dissertation. In common words, a research methodology can be defined as the process of collecting information which is used primarily for making business decisions and bringing breakthrough in the field of academics. The methodology used can include myriad tools such as interviews, surveys, publication research, internet and much more. However, with time a lot has changed in the field of research.

    Keeping oneself updated with the latest happenings is the very crux of any research and nothing can offer a better platform other than books. While one can get immense information in the field, a book can offer an in-depth insight into the topic.

    Thus, here in below we have listed some of the top recommended books for research methodology that can provide readers a better understanding of the field. Check out below:

    The Craft of Research, Fourth Edition

    This book is listed among the top-recommended books for research methodology. Written by Wayne C. Booth, Joseph Williams, and Gregory G. Colomb, the fourth edition was published in the year 2016. The book offers an intrinsic view into the essentialities of how to construct a research paper right from the introduction to conclusion.

    Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Method Approaches

    In its 4th Edition, published in the year 2014, this book authored by John W. Crewel is the ocean of answers that one seeks concerning research methodology. The book offers an integrated comparison between qualitative, quantitative data along with throwing light on the importance of using a proper research approach which can convey the message to the readers. Moreover, the USP of the book is that it presents a detailed understanding of key elements related to the research process by touching through each element separately.

    Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches

    Yet another book by John W. Creswell which is in its 3rd edition, 2016,, explores the elements related to five qualitative inquiry. This includes a case study, phenomenology, narrative research, and ethnography. The book is a perfect stop for gaining an in-depth knowledge of how to write introductions, ways to collect data, analyzation of data collected, creating the narrative in addition to verifying and reviewing the results.

    Research Methods in Education

    This book of Research Methods in Education, 7th Edition authored by Keith Morrison, Louis Cohen, and Lawrence Manion, 1980. This book presents an essential breakthrough for a researcher as well as students of Masters and Doctorate who are working on their thesis. The book throws light on the entire methodology of conducting researching right from planning, conducting research as well as how to use the research. In addition to theory, the book also includes a link for PowerPoint slides that renders a detailed outline into every chapter.

    Introducing Research Methodology: A Beginner’s Guide to Doing a Research Project

    The book authored by Uwe Flick which is in the 2nd edition is the perfect stop in you are a new researcher. The author beautifully takes the reader through the fundamentals of how to collect data, analyze by using quantitative and qualitative methods. The book also offers plenty of examples to gain a perfect knowledge of what is research methodology and how it can be used for bringing breakthrough in the field.

    Research method for research students by Saunders, 2015
    This book is one of the most sought after book related to research methodology by Saunders which is in its 7th edition. The book elucidates about the different research methods, its modules, how to write research proposals, projects and generate dissertation thereby presenting an in detail analysis into the subject.

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