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How to Make a Great Drone Show

  • On the surface, a single technician operating a computer can pull off a fantastic formation show, but behind the scenes, dozens of staff from different departments pull together.light up drone ,Each drone participating in the performance needs to carefully check its own parts, and the failure of any one drone will affect the overall performance.


    "The most difficult technology for drone formation is 3D dynamics. First, posing a 3D shape while making the drone move, which requires the drone to have particularly high flight accuracy and stability." Future drone technology Application scenarios are expected.


    At present, the application scenarios of drone formation performances are mainly in the commercial stage, mainly serving the promotion of some large-scale events, ceremonies, and scenic spots. There are also a small number of indoor small teams, suitable for school teaching and personal weddings. With so many technological innovations and the participation of so many behind-the-scenes workers, a gorgeous and short-lived light show can be achieved.



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