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Precautions for animal sculpture in the application

  • Animal sculptures are not easy to use. We need to deal with it in combination with the various psychological influences of the environment and the user.outdoor metal sculpture for sale ,So, what issues should be paid attention to in the application of animal sculptures in the environment?


    Psychological effects of animals themselves

    The first is the psychological impact of the animals themselves, such as lions. When people mention lions, the first thing that comes to mind is beasts and ferocity! Therefore, lion sculptures are rarely used in public places such as parks and gardens, and animal sculptures such as monkeys, horses, sheep, deer, and rabbits are the most common.


    The potential meaning of animal sculpture

    Then there are some images that people think of through various special effects of animals, still talking about lion sculptures. Some friends think of strength, speed, power, etc. when they see a lion, so the lion sculpture also contains the charm of strength and power.


    The specific meaning of animal sculpture

    In addition, it is a special meaning given by factors such as cultural traditions. Take the lion sculpture for example. In the Chinese cultural tradition, the lion can seek good and bad luck and is the god of the door. For example: the use of dragon sculptures in temples.





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