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Munich , a beautiful place to cherish in

  • When people ask me, what is your hobby, My reply is.. wandering into definite destination twice a year. The next question is where? I again reply…to the interior of my native place and the second to the exterior of my native place, to a far off country. Rest of the year, I save money to accomplish my wish. Last year I went to Shantiniketan, twelve hours from my place. Now your obvious query must be….where the faraway place is? Its Munich …capital of Bavaria, which is the home of centuries old buildings and many museums. One of the major problems, which people face, is parking after reaching the airport. My friend had luckily intimated about München Flughafen Parken and the best possible traveller agent who would let me live a stress free stay. This agent did not let any worry about Parken nähe Flughafen München and we have to just put in our time of arrival and departure, and the rest were handled by them, as smooth as butter. This was one of the remarkable features of Munich, as we enjoyed our tour in Munich. This was so special; I could not miss mentioning this.

    About the museums, the Deutsches Museum is remarkable with its science and technology shows. The original interactive energy and the transport and astronomy displays are mind blowing. The palaces of Nymphenburg Palace, set in an expansive park, and the neighbouring Botanical Garden is unparalleled. The BMW well displays its old cars or vintage cars in a place near this garden. The city center square and transport hub with a church called St. Peter’s at its attraction. There are additional two town halls and a toy museum for kids and also the adults.

    Though this is a rare tourist spot for Asian people, but I am sure that it will be a mesmerising one in the coming days.