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Node.js - reasons to use, pros and cons, best practices!

  • For developers and engineers, choosing the right programming language can be difficult at times. While it’s impossible to choose one that will fit all needs, some are more popular than others. One of the most popular languages today is Node.js, which has many benefits but also has several issues that can make it frustrating to use at times. In this article, we’ll go over 10 pros and cons of Node.js in order to help you decide if it’s right for your next project.

    What is Node.js?

    A recent hot topic in web programming is a new web development framework known as Node.js. This novel framework takes advantage of JavaScript on both server-side and client-side code to create incredibly high performance websites, thus removing bottlenecks associated with traditional server-centric application designs where one language is used on both ends (such as PHP or ASP). Some developers claim that node improves website speed by 10 times or more.

    Node.js is a  framework that allows developers to create fast, scalable network applications using JavaScript on both server-side and client-side code. It’s known for its high performance, built-in support for real-time web applications, and ability to handle concurrent connections with ease.

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    1) Speed

    Web apps created using node are extremely fast—often faster than their more established counterparts, such as Ruby on Rails. This is partly due to node’s single-threaded, non-blocking design (see below) and its use of JavaScript, a speedy language that’s become increasingly popular for web development in recent years.

    2) Standardized

    Node is a standardized tool for building web applications in JavaScript, which is great for any budding developer who wants to build up their JavaScript chops as quickly as possible. This means that you don’t have to worry about memorizing lots of proprietary or custom frameworks before you can get started, nor do you have to concern yourself with whether other developers on your team are using a different language or framework altogether. (They might be, but at least they’re all using JavaScript.) By way of comparison, Python also scores high marks on standardization: there are several versions of Python that work similarly enough that if you know one version well enough, it won’t take much time at all to learn another version.

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    3) Community driven

    As with other open source projects, there’s a large community of passionate individuals behind Node. This means that whatever problem you face, someone has probably already solved it for you. Plus, there are many individuals and organizations contributing to node on a regular basis, which ultimately helps improve your codebase over time (much like what we saw in Chapter 3). Additionally, if some part of node isn’t meeting your needs or expectations, you can contribute to it by adding features or fixing bugs yourself!

    4) Stable

    In general, when it comes to technology, you can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true technology like JavaScript. That said, there are some negative aspects to using it as well. With JavaScript, you never quite know whether or not your code will run in different browsers (each browser has its own interpretation of JavaScript). If that doesn’t bother you—or if you only care about certain browsers—then using JavaScript as a development language might be perfect for your needs!

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    5) Expensive

    For companies that don’t have to worry about costs, Node.js is a great choice; however, for smaller businesses, it can be prohibitively expensive when you hire node js developer services to build your website or create an API for your mobile app. In addition, hiring a company to do custom work with Node.js can also cost quite a bit depending on how many resources they need to dedicate to your project. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Node.js if you want it—just make sure you know what you’re getting into before committing yourself fully.


    6) Underscores are everywhere

    you probably use them every day when you start a new line in your terminal or command prompt, but what exactly are they? As it turns out, underscores are an important part of programming—they’re not just for visual appeal! Underscores have been in place since programming was first introduced to humans; their original purpose is a bit vague, but we can guess at what early programmers were trying to accomplish.

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    7) Fingers crossed (language version issue!)

    It's become a common belief that JavaScript is a quick and easy programming language to pick up. In recent years, it has even been dubbed one of the hardest languages to learn for a new programmer. That may not be completely true, but it’s probably not as easy as Hello World makes it look, either—it might just take some time before you start getting comfortable with all its nuances. If you are trying to decide whether or not to hire a nodejs development company, here are some pros and cons you should consider


    8) Love/hate relationship with npm

    npm, which comes pre-installed with node.js, is one of its most popular features among developers. With it, you can download packages that simplify your development tasks so you can get more done in less time. But npm’s popularity comes at a price: With almost 300,000 packages to choose from—and more added every day—there’s a fair chance that you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by options . . . which is why some people aren’t fans of npm at all. Some also argue that some developers depend too much on npm and don’t know how to do anything without it.

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    9) Doesn’t get much updates (non-breaking ones, at least!)

    While Node.js is a very popular technology, it is also pretty mature at this point in time. As such, there aren’t many updates to take note of when it comes to non-breaking features and fixes; its core libraries are pretty stable at this point in time (with HTTP/2.0 being its most recent major release). This can be good news for those who want to rely on stability, but for those who need frequent updates, that isn’t much good!


    10) Steep learning curve, but very rewarding once you get into it

    The learning curve for Node.js is steep, but it’s relatively easy to pick up once you get started (as long as you’re comfortable with JavaScript). As a result, hiring Node developers might be slightly more difficult than hiring other web engineers if your organization has a smaller IT staff—but since you don’t have to hire as many people, these costs should even out in time.

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