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Pokemon BDSP update has stopped trading of duplicate faulty clo

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    A copy and clone bug in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) could kill any value in Shiny Pokemon, but the developers have found a way to protect it with a new update.

    In a new update to Pokemon BDSP, the developers are starting to lay the groundwork for exporting Pokemon from Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and importing Pokemon into it using Pokemon HOME. This includes an encoded string of "PokeDupeChecker," which is specifically designed to scan Pokemon cloned using Duplication and Cloning Failures. The result is that cloned Pokemon will not be able to be traded or removed from the player's Pokemon BDSP copy.

    "PokeDupeChecker" came after Pokemon BDSP players discovered multiple game-changing cloning bugs. Players can use the game's bugs menu to duplicate Pokemon. This is achieved by effectively using a set of menus to move a set of Pokemon from box to box, and then using a different set of menus to keep them in place.

    Pokemon BDSP offers shiny versions of the first four generations of legendary Pokemon, clones that threaten to flood online trade with previously rare Pokemon. This change won't completely prevent this from happening, but it will at least mitigate it to some extent.

    Pokemon HOME update arrives with clone Pokemon changes for Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl
    Locking down repeating faulty clones isn't the only notable change in Pokemon BDSP. In addition to this, there is a framework for importing Pokemon from Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

    Data miners have discovered Pokemon origin symbols, confirming that Pokemon in Legends: Arceus can be exported from the game. While this was found in the Pokemon BDSP, it likely means that Legends: Arceus Pokemon could be exported to other games in the future, possibly SWSH as well.

    What's uncertain is how Poke Balls will play out. Pokemon Legends: Arceus introduces a number of new Poke Balls and redesigned items like the Heavy Ball. For now, these will be replaced with the previously unused "Strange Ball" that was used in the wrong or invalid Poke Ball ID. While the groundwork has been laid for Pokemon HOME updates for Legends: Arceus, Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl, those games are not yet compatible with the service. This may change in the near future.

    BDSP players are still happy in the game, have you considered joining Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

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