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Pokemon BDSP: Where to Find Lucky Eggs

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    Lucky Eggs in Pokemon BDSP are a very useful item, and if you know where to find them, you can level up your Pokemon faster. You can find this item alone or attached to another Pokemon. After this, you can give it to the Pokemon you want. This will increase its experience points in battle.

    Where to Find Lucky Eggs in Pokemon BDSP

    Lucky Eggs are very useful items. They can help you level up your favorite Pokemon faster by giving you extra experience points in battle. Unfortunately, they are very scarce items. To get them, you either have to find one in the wild or grab a Pokemon that already has one. Both of these conditions are very rare, so patience and effort are required.

    Pokemon BDSP

    1. One way to get it is to catch wild Blissey. These Pokemon are found to hold the Lucky Egg but only have a 5% chance.
    2. There is also a place to buy lucky eggs. After defeating the trainer Cynthia, you will enter the battle tower, where you can buy easter eggs for 77 BP.
    3. In addition, you have a small chance to win a lucky egg as a prize in the Jubilife TV lottery.
    4. Another place to find Lucky Eggs is the northwest part of the Grand Dungeon. Go to the steps near the entrance to the Icy Cave. Near this location and near the lake would be a Pokeball. It will contain a lucky egg.

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