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How to Catch Murkrow in Pokémon BDSP

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    When Murkrow was introduced into the original Pokémon Diamond and Pearl game, players fell in love with it almost immediately. Typing in Flying and Dark was rare at the time, and players made the most of Pokémon, especially when fighting Fantina and Lucian. However, Pokémon are also notoriously difficult to catch in those games.

    With the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP), Murkrow's spawn rate is slightly looser due to Grand Underground. However, some players are not lucky enough to encounter a Dark-type bird. Below is a guide detailing exactly where players can catch Murkrow in the Pokémon BDSP.

    Catch Murkrow in Pokémon BDSP

    Just out the door, you won't be able to find Murkrow in the game if you have a copy of the Shiny Pearl. Pokémon is exclusive to Brilliant Diamond, so the only way for Shining Pear players to get it is to trade it or use the Pokémon Home system, which won't be available until sometime in 2022.

    For Brilliant Diamond players, you can meet Murkrow in a few different locations. The first place is Eterna Forest, but only at night. Pokémon spawn rates are low even at night, so players may need to spend some time running around and fighting Wurmples before they can see Murkrow.

    The next place to catch birds is the Grand Underground. We were able to find our Murkrow in a Spacious Cave before defeating Gardenia in Eterna City. You can get the Explorer's Kit from the man next to the Pokémon Center in Eterna to go underground and use it before entering to face Gardenia.

    If you enter a spacious cave and don't find Murkrow, just exit and re-enter the cave to change the Pokémon spawn. Repeat this process until Murkrow appears in front of you.

    The last place to catch Murkrow is the Lost Tower just south of Solaceon Town. Raven spawn rates are also low here, so your best bet is probably in the Big Underground. Once you've caught a Murkrow, you can use the Dusk Stone in the Pokémon BDSP to evolve it into a Murkrow.

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