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How to find Togepi in Pokémon BDSP

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    In the original, Togepi was discovered later in the game via Poké Radar, while in Platinum it was given away as an egg, but in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP), the way to get Togepi has changed a little bit. Luckily, Togepi is easier to get in BDSP than in vanilla, and you can get it early in the game.

    Where can I find Togepi in BDSP?

    In order to find Togepi, the trainer must already have access to the Great Underground, unlocked by talking to the NPC to the right of the Eternal City Pokémon Center. He'll give you the Explorer Kit, which allows you to travel through the Grand Underground.

    Then you'll want to head to Jubilife City, Hearthome City or Pastoria City and use the Explorer Kit to go to the Grand Underground. Once there, you'll want to head to Dazzling Cave, Fountainspring Cave or Stargleam Cavern. Togepi can also be found using the Pokéradar on Route 230.

    How to Catch Togepi in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

    While it's slightly easier to get a tog than in BDSP, that doesn't mean it's easy to capture. Once you enter one of the three locations, the spawn rate of Togepi is very low.

    In order to find Togepi in the overworld, you need to exit the room and re-enter it until you see it spawn in the overworld. Once you see it, you have a chance to catch it. Saving the game in a cave doesn't preserve the respawn point when you return to the game, so your only chance to catch it is to encounter it when you see it.

    How to evolve Togepi into Togetic and Togekiss

    Togepi evolves to Togetic when its happiness reaches the maximum value, which means that the Happiness value is 220. Once the max is reached, the Togepi is upgraded and it will evolve into Togetic.

    Then, to evolve the Togetic into the Togekiss, use the Shiny Stone, which can be found on Route 228 and Iron Island. On Route 228, look south for the Shiny Stone, on the Iron Island, this item should be on the right of the top exit of the elevator. There are Cheap BDSP Items for Sale.

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