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New World is about to bring mysterious predators and dark magic

  • New World MMO has been working hard to solve some major release issues, and developers are also rolling out some major updates. The first is the public test area, where players can access upcoming features in advance.  The first thing to test in the upcoming Into the Void update, a new weapon category, and many new missions and quality of life updates to complete the world of Aeternum.

    The Public Test Domain (PTR) is described as "a server set with limited availability that allows players to learn about upcoming features as early as possible." Players with a copy of the new world can find the test area as a standalone application in their Steam library; They can download it, jump to a test server, and create a custom character with a range of equipment.

    Into the Void can be used for testing, including Void Gauntlet, which is a DPS/support hybrid weapon that can become more powerful based on intelligence and concentration data. The annihilation of the tree is to summon the blade of the void to corrode your enemies, and the decayed tree provides the Orb of Decay, a projectile that debuffs the enemy and heals allies.

    There is also a new set of missions based on the Varangian Raiders. These guys are useless, they set up a war camp and a fort on Aeternum. Players need to find out the source of the Varangians. From beetles to pirate crocodiles to ancient guardians, a group of new enemies around the world has joined the ranks of the raiders.

    The current Into the Void test patch also includes new PvP faction mission types. They are:

        Control Points-These tasks send you to seize control of the fortress.
        Interception-Defeat the members of the enemy faction and collect their tears! (Do not reset.)
        War camp loot-retrieve the hidden plan in the enemy camp.

    The test patch also contains improvements to the trading post, which are now unified globally. The transaction costs are determined by the settlement where you happen to be at the time. In fact, players can Buy New World Coins on the official website. Although New World has encountered some serious problems, fans have been identifying these errors and bringing them to Amazon's attention.

    In view of the developer's efforts and the problem is improving, I decided to stay. I now recommend a small tip to help you in the game. Players use new world cions to buy new world items and upgrade trade skills, as well as crafting, refining, gathering and camping. After you have a lot of NW coins, you can get many items you want. To become strong, having enough New World Coins is one of the necessary conditions. Anyway, I have experienced the joy of being one step ahead of other players. In addition to making money in the game, you can also go to the sales website. MMOSO is safe and you will not be banned. Because MMOSO is familiar with the rules, both parties are safe. It is worth mentioning that they have cheap New World coins, which are shipped quickly after purchase.

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