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In addition to the addition of public testing areas, the new ch

  • The next major update of New World brings a lot of content, and players will finally have the opportunity to test it before it goes live. The developer announced that the MMO will receive a public test domain (PTR) tomorrow, allowing players to experiment and provide feedback before the new feature goes live. The first test will allow players to try a new weapon called Void Gauntlet.

    The new world open beta is running as a standalone application and will open at 2pm Central Time on November 10th. In the beginning, there was only one world in the East of the United States and Central Europe, which meant that many players might not have the opportunity to try new content. The first iteration of PTR will allow players to try a new weapon, the Void Glove. This "DPS/support hybrid" weapon, as Amazon describes it, reduces intelligence and focus at the same time. One of its skill trees focuses on damage, while the other provides healing and debuff effects. However, these attributes will benefit the general magic profession, especially the healer.

    In addition, the developer also mentioned the unification of trading posts in each world, which means that players can access all goods no matter where they are. Taxes and fees will depend on the settlement method of your purchase. Last week, the developer made fun of the link to the trading post in a post about a known issue. The post introduces the measure by showing the relationship between gold produced in the world and gold consumed.

    Amazon Games admits that the final stage of surplus income is far below the early level, but said that from a data point of view, the economy "behaves within an acceptable level."The purpose of Amazon Games linking the entire server is to strengthen the economy in areas with inconvenient transportation and to ensure the supply of goods in all areas, followed by lowering the prices of a variety of goods.  Connecting all trading posts in the world is a fundamental change, no matter how it swings, it will have a profound impact on the in-game economy.

    In addition, the upcoming changes will increase the gold coin revenue of the expedition and the cost of making adjustment balls. According to the post, Amazon Games recommends the recently reactivated Outpost Rush and Corrupted Breachs as a way to produce more gold, which can "produce a lot of gold every hour." Players should also use their three daily faction mission rewards to get 10 times the gold coins from the first three missions every day. In fact, players can Buy New World Coins on the official website.

    In addition to the Void Gauntlets and Trading Station, the full announcement also showcases a series of new features in the next update, including new enemy types (between levels 16 and 20), improvements to the main mission line, and additional enemy types. The diversity of enemies and targets is a common topic in the new world, considering that targets and enemies vary little in the map and throughout the main story.

    In view of the developer's efforts and the problem is improving, I decided to stay. I now recommend a small tip to help you in the game. Players use new world cions to buy new world items and upgrade trade skills, as well as crafting, refining, gathering and camping. After you have a lot of NW coins, you can get pets, mounts and other things. To become strong, having enough New World Coins is one of the necessary conditions. Anyway, I have experienced the joy of being one step ahead of other players. In addition to making money in the game, you can also go to the sales website. MMOSO is safe and you will not be banned. Because MMOSO is familiar with the rules, both parties are safe. It is worth mentioning that they have cheap New World coins, which are shipped quickly after purchase.

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