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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

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    How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

    Writing a letter of recommendation to an immigration department is not an easy task. When you write a letter of recommendation for someone who can help you with your visa application, you need to be very careful in what you write. It is highly recommended that you make sure that your letter supports their reasons for granting you the visa. If your letter indicates that you have done something to wrong such as lying on your application or embellishing your documents, then the immigration department may not take you seriously.


    You should start by preparing your recommendation letter lor writing service paper before you begin writing it. You should gather all the documents that will be required for your visa application like your passport, your flight details, your resume and any other requirements that you might have from the immigration department. Then you should check the accuracy of these documents before you start writing. If there is something that you do not understand or there is something that does not quite add up to what you have written, then you should refer back to your notes and make corrections.


    When you are writing a recommendation letter for someone such as a relative, friend or a colleague, you should ensure that the individual has a good record. They should be a recent graduate of high school or college and they should also have a job that is steady. The last thing that you want to do is to recommend them to an employer and the company finds out that person had a criminal record and this could lead to your own dismissal. For this reason, it is advisable that you avoid writing about your own achievements and successes as this will give the impression that you are more inclined to cheat the system.

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