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Psychologist's advice: how to cope with stress, preparing for t

  • Psychologist's advice: how to cope with stress, preparing for the exam
    “What do teenagers themselves say about exam preparation, admission and so on? Most often, fatalistic thoughts are heard: "this is the edge, this is the end, this is horror, complete hopelessness." Or: “I don’t want to think about it, I don’t know anything, it doesn’t interest me, fuck off ...”. Words about new opportunities, about changes, about a new status, interesting acquaintances are very rarely heard. And this is an important focus to focus on.

    Admission to a university is the first serious transition in the life of a teenager: the child studied at school according to certain rules all his life, went there every day, and now something else will happen - there will be new people, a new place, events, rules. The teenager is usually not ready for this. It is important here that the fatalism “now something will happen and this is a catastrophe” was replaced by the understanding that there is nothing wrong with that. This is a common event, from the fact that a person enters a university or does not even go there, nothing will change globally, seriously in life. There will be people who share the same interests with you, acquaintances, new opportunities.In addition to all this, you need to write a lot of written works. But don't worry, there are biography writing services that can help you with this. This way you won't have to worry about writing your homework.

    The first important step, which is often overlooked during an exam preparation race, is to pay attention to yourself: how I feel, how much sleep I have, whether I am hungry, how much I need rest. Can I write an essay. If not, what to do? There is in mind, it can help in writing. Thanks for such a resource but it is important to ask yourself if I can write written work.  It's important to pause and ask yourself these questions. During this period, it is difficult to give up some things, everyone seems to be very important: “I have been drawing for five years, can I really quit the circle now, I need to go to university, for this to study with a tutor, I also need to go to school and a lot of things that take time and effort. " But taking care of yourself: eating, drinking, walking, all of these are really very important. Especially sleep. A person who does not get enough sleep reacts to any influences much more sharply, even a little stress can become unbearable for him. It is difficult for a teenager to take care of sleep, because there are gadgets, correspondence with friends,

    Stress itself is a very useful thing, it is the mobilization of the body. Problems begin when there is either too much stress - this is constant pressure and the body cannot mobilize, it lacks resources. Or, if the stress is too great: a very bright light, a loud bang, too strong an impact to which the body can no longer respond.

    In order to cope with stress, you need to notice it. The first signals come from the body: breathing stops, palms sweat, knees begin to shake, throws into the cold, or, conversely, there is not enough air. Imagine that your stress is sitting in front of you. What does he say to you: “You cannot cope, you don’t have to do anything, you can’t do anything anyway”. These are heavy words that interfere with movement, paralyze. Imagine that your stress can be separated from yourself: as if it is a person or a doll, and they affect you. And then you can resist and defend yourself.

    There are the simplest techniques for dealing with stress, when it is scary, uncomfortable, difficult:

    Breath. Pause for a few deep breaths and exits. Once your breathing has balanced your heart rate, you can start working again.
    "Inner Look". Often, a stressed person will notice that their legs are numb or that their back or other parts of the body are tight. You need to get comfortable, provide good support for your legs, back and walk your body with an inner gaze. Move from the tips of your toes up all the muscles of the body, trying to linger on each for a couple of seconds, check how it lives, strain, then relax.
    "Others' ears" - an opportunity for another person to talk about their experiences. It is not even so important here whether he answers something or not: when you tell, the problem is formed into words and is easier to understand. This helps to put everything into your head better.
    "Magic Words". Come up with a code phrase to restore the state: "I can do it anyway", "everything will be fine" or "all the fools", "it doesn't matter." Everyone has his own words, though, "but I have a gray cat."


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