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Islamic Prayer Mat for Kids

  • An Islamic prayer mat for kids is a must have for every Muslim child. It is the responsibility of every Muslim child to bring the teachings of Islam to life in their homes.

    The beauty of teaching your kids the religion through these special Islamic prayer rugs is that you are teaching them the true meaning of modesty and spirituality by putting them to bed each night on a rug that represents what is expected of them during prayers. If you want to know more about these types of rugs for kids, please visit the link below.

    Prayer Mat for Kids - A Great Way of Encouragement Towards Salah

    Kids can also be encouraged to draw their own picture with a pen and crayon. This special piece is made out of 100% pure cotton with a special design. Many parents find that this is a wonderful way to get their kids engaged in the worship of Allah while still having them go to school.

    The Ka is a structure that is found in the Grand mosque in Mecca. It is very tall and has a deep voice that is soothing to hear. It is also known as the Stone of the Gate of Paradise. These special children's prayer rugs are sold at most specialty stores or can also be found online.

    Islamic prayer mats for kids come in many different colors. They are available in all sizes so that it is easy for children to use them. Most are very soft and absorbent because of the special materials they are made from. Parents find that these prayer mats are great to lay on the floor outside so children can be able to study.

    When parents make a purchase of an Islamic prayer mat for children, they generally choose one with a picture of Allah. This is important because the mat is used to recite the Allahu-Salaam, or Islamic supplication. Parents can purchase special prayer rugs that have this particular image. They can also have the actual name of Allah embroidered on the rug.

    These prayer rugs are also used during the Namaz, or morning-prayer. They can come in many colors, usually varying from aqua to blue. They are also very easy to clean. They do not absorb much stain from children's sweat nor do they wash out easily. They are also a great way to dry off when children take a bath or shower.

    Affordable Prayer Mat - A Great Islamic Gift for Children

    Prayer mats can make a great islamic gift for you child and can prove a massive help in making him/her learn how to say prayer as salah is one of the pillars of islam and must be learnt and performed by each and every muslim.

    These mats are usually fairly inexpensive. They can be found for less than $20 at most online and local stores. You should definitely shop around before making a purchase so that you get the best deal possible. It is definitely worth it to get one of these mats for your child. After all, he or she will thank you for it when he or she is older.

    Prayer Mats of Many Varieties

    Another nice thing about these prayer mats for kids is that they have different sizes, colors, and styles to fit your child's needs. For instance, you can purchase a smaller one if your child only stands on his or her own for a few minutes each day.

    At the very least, this should help them stand on their own for longer stretches of time. At the very least, you should make sure that your child has plenty of toys nearby for them to occupy their time.

    If you have bigger kids, there are even ones that can be used by taller kids. For example, you can buy an extension so that the mat is able to cover the kid from head to toe. That way, he or she can still be able to pray and yet be able to reach for their prayer towel when they're done. At the very least, this should help you as a parent while you're trying to attend to some other important task at the same time.

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