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10 skin care tips for women to know can make your skin better,

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    Feel like your skin care isn't working? These are 10 skin care tips for girls to take note of! Skin care also needs some tips, scientific skin care to be effective and improve the white skin.

    The degree of water emulsion is related to hydration and moisturization, while oil secretion is related to the degree of sebaceous gland development, temperature and hormone levels. There is no relationship between water and oil, so there is no such thing as "water-oil balance".

    Second, three minutes after washing the face is the "golden three minutes" of skin care.

    After washing your face, the skin's stratum corneum is filled with water. At this time, a small amount of water emulsion or mask can be better absorbed and more effectively reduce the water loss in the stratum corneum, so it is best to carry out other skin care steps within three minutes after washing your face, do not wait until the water is dry.

    Three, isolation cream is not a sunscreen

    The actual effect of isolation cream is equivalent to low energy sunscreen, its sunscreen effect is only a little, so after applying isolation cream, sunscreen is still indispensable.

    Four, aloe vera gel can not get rid of acne marks

    The aloe vera gel is really not useful for acne marks, most of the time will remove the acne marks, if you want to acne marks early fade, you can use the purple treasure to, this is a medical mask, this can effectively reduce the pigmentation of acne marks, fade acne marks.

    The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of time to get a lot of money.

    The normal metabolic cycle of the skin is 28 days, no need to purposely exfoliate.

    Six, the mask can not be applied every day

    The mask can not be used every day, the daily use of the mask will lead to excessive skin moisture, damage to the stratum corneum, skin thinning and fragile, 2 ~ 3 times a week is enough, do not use every day.

    Seven, skin care products have an open shelf life

    In addition to the shelf life of skin care products and cosmetics, there is an open shelf life, the open shelf life will be shorter, you can see in the bottle, if more than this open shelf life should not be used yo ~ 8.

    8. pearl powder can not become white

    Pearl powder has no whitening effect, after applying pearl powder feel white skin, in fact, mainly because of the residual calcium carbonate skin "false white" only.

    9. In regular skin care products, there is no fluorescent agent

    The actual fact is that you don't have to worry about fluorescents to identify the health makeup and other labels.

    10. Skincare all year round

    Photoaging caused by UV rays is the main cause of skin aging, so you must pay attention to skincare and protect yourself from the sun all year round, not just in summer.

    Remember these skincare knowledge points, learn the science of skincare, skincare results will be very good, to develop a good white skin ~

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