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This is what beautiful women do, don't you want to try it?

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    When it comes to skin care, the first reaction of many friends is the maintenance of facial skin. But for a woman who loves beauty, facial care is not enough. The skin on the body should not be ignored. In fact, some details are harmless. The other people can't find, but the girl who loves beauty demands too much of herself. The level of sophistication of skin care is simply amazing.

    If you don't wax your legs in the summer, they will be black and sticky

    Hair removal is not new to everyone. In life, many women are very concerned about their face shape, but are not very sensitive to hair removal. First, they basically do not wear sleeveless clothes. There is also a hair on the legs, I also do not pay much attention. But for a person with strong hair, the hair on his legs must be removed. Because if you ignore this hair, your legs will be two or three degrees darker than other places. Say a woman, the hair on the legs is too long, a bit unsightly, affecting the temperament.

    There are many ways to remove sweat hair, choose a way you like, use hair removal cream, hair removal device can be. Now the technology is very advanced, do not worry about the pain. The skin without sweat hair, not only a lot whiter, and the business or care. It will look like you are elegant a lot of people.

    Keep a few more bottles of soot cream and don't leave your neck, arms and legs exposed except to paint your face.

    Some people are very fond of conversation. This is the friend I was talking about. Her skin is a little dark and she has only been interested in her face for a few years. It's normal to go out and put on makeup and foundation. The other day I was in her dressing room and saw a few empty bottles of makeup. I asked her why she bothered. She said it wasn't just because of her face. Neck, arms and legs, for body lotion.

    It seems that this summer we love the beauty of the girls have developed a new function of the face cream, just because this is too costly face cream. The friend of mine said that summer is not long, and that the business needs to go through such a hard occasion is not much. The students usually do not have to apply too thick, and only apply the neck and arms on the line. The legs are far away from the face, and sometimes teachers can just skip the coating.

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