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Fix the scanning issue on your Mac and Windows PC

  • The all-in-one Brother printer has always been known for its scan, print, and copy functions. They are loved by many because they don't consume lots of space on their desk. Additionally, they work well in all weather conditions. 

    In addition, Brother machines are fast in responding. When you make an order to scan or print paper, the job can be completed in some minutes. However, there are times when the printer of your brother won't scan anything using the Windows 10 computer. 

    The printer usually will stop scanning when the computer is not accessible via the printer. In addition, it could be due to the driver or some other issue. Below are some steps to fix the cause.


    What is the reason my Brother printer's scanner does not connect to my laptop? Verify that the printer is not running in idle mode. Switch off the printer for three minutes, then turn it back on. 

    Then restart the computer. Make sure that the printer isn't displaying errors. Place a photo or paper on the flat plate of the printer (scanner plate) and then click the scanner button of the printer. Connect your computer to the scanner or printer by using a USB wire. When it's wired disconnect it and reconnect it. 

    Try scanning something. What do you think? Is it scanning using the computer? Unplug the USB wire between the computer and printer. Verify the device you are running is only one driver.


    How do I repair the Brother printer that isn't working in Windows 10?


    Step 1: Verify the network connection

    If your brother's printer isn't scanning using Windows 10 Check the computer and the brother's network connection. 

    In the beginning, make sure that the printer and computer are connected to one network. Then, check the print network report for the brother machine. 

    • Press into the menu on the machine.
    • Select"Print Report" (in certain printing modes you'll be able to see the details about the printer).
    • Next, press the network configuration button and press Start.
    • Your brother's machine will generate a report of the network configuration.
    • In the event that the hostname is displayed as or 169. X.X.X.It appears that your printer hasn't been connected to the network. This means you must connect the printer to the internet. Check out: Brother printer will print but not scan.


    Step 2: Add the printer to Windows scan and fax

    • Scan and windows into the search.
    • Enter the scan button that appears within the tray.
    • Choose the Brother printer to scan.


    Step 3: Disconnect the scanner from the computer and add it again

    • Go to the settings in Windows 10 PC (Press the Windows button and then the Settings icon).
    • Go to devices.
    • Click on scanners and printers on left.
    • Click on the Brother printer. Press the Remove device.
    • Click Yes Now and press the Add scanner or printer button on the top.
    • Choose the printer from the list, and then
    • Press the Add button to add a device.


    Step 3: Install the entire driver

    Many times, the Brother scanner isn't running on Windows 10 due to an issue with the driver. 

    It could be that the user has not installed the right software to use the Scanner. They may also be using the wrong driver. 

    That's the reason Scanner cannot work on Windows 10. Therefore, remove the current driver from your printer brother and then install the new driver on your computer. 

    • Enter appwiz.CPL in the search box of Windows and then press enter.
    • Choose the Brother utility.
    • Press to uninstall. Uninstall Press yes to remove the files.
    • After the software is uninstalled you will need to restart your computer.
    • Then download the driver. Install the setup downloaded on your PC. 
    • Accept the license and start installing. Find out how do I install my Brother driver for the printer?


    Step 4: Disable the firewall

    • Go to the Control Panel.
    • Click on Windows Defender.
    • Windows Defender firewall either on or off option in the left pane.
    • Then, press the switch off of the firewall for windows.
    • Make sure to save the changes.


    Step 5: Turn off the antivirus as well

    After turning off the firewall, it is recommended to also turn off all real-time protection (antivirus) over a period of 15 minutes. Then, try printing something. What can I do to fix this?

    Brother printer that won't scan to mac

    If your printer from Brother won't make scans or prints to Mac. Before making any modifications to the printer or mac settings, let's test that the connections are working between your printer and mac. 

    Send a ping using the mac

    So, first foremost, you must send a ping from your Mac computer to the brother machine. 

    • Open the terminal on your mac.
    • Enter the command ping x.x.x.x (X represents your brother's Printer's address).
    • Enter the address and then check the response.

    If you are unable to get the reply then the printer of your brother isn't working properly on your Mac computer because of the connection issue. Therefore, you must resolve the connection issue. 

    Remove and re-adjust the scanner in mac

    • Go to the System Preferences Select print and scan.
    • Select the Brother printer in the table.
    • Click the remove (-)
    • Next, hit the add (+)
    • Select the printer from the list.
    • Press the add


    Choose the printer of your brother as the default print option

    • Click the"go" button on the menu at the top.
    • Browse to applications.
    • Click on brother print and scan.
    • Select your printer in the lower left.
    • Select the Brother model from the list, then click OK.
    • After your printer is selected it will show all of the features; you have to choose them and select OK.


    Reinstall the program

    After making these changes, you will know in the event that the scanner of your brother isn't working on mac. The problem appears to be at the software's end. Therefore, delete the running program from your mac and install a fresh one. 

    What's the reason that Brother printer does not scan email?

    If your printer from Brother cannot scan email, but it functions perfectly on the PC, make sure that the device is compatible with your computer or not? 

    Since some Brother printers don't include a feature that allows scanning via email servers You can verify the compatibility of email by looking up the description of the printer model or the features. 

    Step 1: Install the internet fax installer tool to open the support site for brother on your PC and install the online fax installation software on your computer. 

    After the setup has been installed correctly, you need to install it on your desktop or laptop. 

    Step 2: Add your email into the address book.

    • Start the browser and type in the printer's IP address and Enter it.
    • Enter Now click in the Address Book.
    • Enter your email address.
    • Click from the Type As email address.
    • Now, click submit.


    Step 3: Configure the network configuration.

    • Start the Brother printer's dashboard again in your browser.
    • Select the network in the menu for printers.
    • Search for the IMAP/pop3 option.
    • IMAP/pop3 and press the advanced button.
    • Fill in the details of your email configuration, such as the IMAP or pop server details and more.

    Here are steps you need to take to solve the Brother scanner that isn't working with windows 10 or mac, or email. If you experience another issue with windows. Contact us for more assistance.