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Impress Your Audience By Picking Good Topics For Speeches

  • How To Pick Good Topics For Speeches And Impress Your Audience

    Are you confused about the topic for your speech that's due next week? All of us, at some point in time, have been in this situation. Picking a topic for a speech could feel daunting. After all, that can either make or break the entire experience for your audience. So, how do you choose good topics for speeches and keep your listeners intrigued?
    We have brought to you a quick and simple guide that will help you come up with a suitable speech topic.

    The Perfect Speech Topic Doesn’t Exist!

    Here’s a reality check!
    It is impossible to please every single person in the audience with your speech. Hence, you need to understand that a subject is not cut out for everyone. For instance, if you’re selecting informative topics for a speech, the effectiveness of the outcome depends on the audience’s knowledge as well. So, speech topic selection is also a personal journey.
    As you begin with picking a topic for a speech, you must introspect and ask yourself some questions.
    Ask Yourself These Questions To Figure Out The Right Speech Topic
    Let us share the three important questions that will simplify your speech topic selection process.
    • How much knowledge do I have on the topic?
    It is crucial to present yourself who possess extensive knowledge on the topic. Only then your listeners will accept you as a credible speaker. Therefore, you must research the topic and understand the intricate details related to it. This way, not only you would feel more confident in front of the audience, but also satisfy every query of the listeners.
    • Do you feel passionate about the topic?
    You may be searching for good topics for speeches but all your efforts will go in vain if you lack passion for it. When we are interested in a certain topic, it shows in our body language, gestures, and energy levels. Hence, always make sure to pick a topic you’re excited about. It assures better engagement and keeps everyone intrigued throughout.
    • Does the topic interest the audience?
    So, you’re all excited to deliver your speech but your listeners do not find it interesting or useful enough. Doesn’t it sound concerning? In that case, some of them may leave early. Thus, always go with a topic that’s valuable to your audience or interests them.

    Pick The Perfect Topic For Your Speech


    Step #1: Know Your Audience

    Identify what type of your audience you will be delivering the speech to. A quick analysis of the audience facilitates the topic selection process. What are their beliefs? What challenges have they faced in life? What problems have they gone through?
    Collect the details about prospective listeners such as:
    • Age group
    • Demographics
    • Gender
    • Ethnic background
    • Professional or academic background

    Step #2: What Are All The Possible Topics You Know About?

    It's time to brainstorm and identify every single topic that you know about. If you're finding informative topics for a speech, enlist everything you know of. Once you’re done, give yourself a break and check out the list again the next day.
    Which topics in the list resonate with your audience type? This way you can slim down your list.

    Step #3: Is There Something Specific That You Love?

    By now you have a list of all the possible topics that will entice the audience. Now, the next step would be recognizing your passion. Which one of all these topics attracts you’re the most?
    Picking a topic that you love would naturally help you deliver a successful speech that everyone will appreciate.

    Step #4: Topic Relevant To Your Audience And The Event

    The good topics for speeches are the ones that serve the purpose of the event while keeping the listeners involved. Thus, a subject in which you have the expertise, which also serves the audience is the one you should go for!

    Wrapping Up

    If you’re going through the nerve-wracking phase of choosing good topics for speeches, this quick guide will come in handy. Always remember to pick a subject that your audience finds relatable. Of course, you need to brainstorm and indulge in research to fill in the speech with exciting content, backed up with facts. Don't hesitate to make some tweaks during the delivery and add some humor to lighten up the mood of your listeners. We hope you found this post helpful!

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