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Drew Cheskin University of Miami: A Responsible Student

  • Every student dreams of studying in one of the best universities like the University of Miami. But what most of these students are not ready to do is hard work. They don’t understand that no matter how genuine the desires are, without working hard, they cannot get what they want. While some students only focus on their studies, others also focus on helping their community. Drew Cheskin University of Miami is a student dedicated to both his studies and volunteer work.


    He is a bright student at the University of Miami, who made the Dean’s List andalso has done some tremendous and wonderful work for the Miami community. Drew Cheskin University of Miami is pursuing B.S.C Motion Pictures Production.


    Dating back to high school, Drew has managed to do extra work to contribute to the community. For example, he has volunteered back in 2017 where he was a dog walker in the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter. Drew Cheskin not only took great care of dogs but also introduced the dogs to their potential owners!


    In 2018, Drew Cheskin Miami was a mentor at Shake-A-Leg Miami Summer Camp. He worked with children with disabilities and helped them in art and craft activities. The next year, he was a counselor at Miami Children’s Theater Camp. There, he worked with the camp’s artistic staff and helped supervise the children.


    In the year 2021, he helped organize a blood and plasma donation drive at the university. To make this blood donation a success, Drew Cheskin University of Miami collaborated with Sgt. Addy Villanueva, Police Sergeant, University of Miami Police Department Special Services and OneBlood.org. Through their efforts, OneBlood was able to collect 195 units of blood, which can save as many as 585 lives.


    In the same year, Drew Cheskin University of Miami was also a note-taker. As a note-taker, he would upload his notes to the note-taker network so that students with disabilities could use them. He is also interested in extracurricular activities including acting and scriptwriting.


    In a nutshell, Drew Cheskin is not just a bright student but also is a responsible citizen who wants to contribute for the betterment of the Miami community he is living in.


    Original Reference: https://bit.ly/3chqWY2


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