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What Are The Signs Indicating The Roof May Leak In Heavy Rains?

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    Know about some signals that speak of possible leaks from the roof at your home during intense rains.


    Water intrusion into the living space during rains is never desirable. This is a situation, which will create panic for multiple reasons. One of the foremost worries will be to shift everything away from the leak area. Your valuable items may get damaged due to water contact and hence the shifting should be done on an emergency basis. Is the water forming puddles inside the living space? This is another cause of worry because there could be accidents to family members in the form of slips. You may need to cordon of the area. If that is not enough, one should realize that the water penetration into the living space causes structural damage to the building. 


    These are worries and you would be eager to have measures in place to prevent this from happening. Are there any preventive measures to take so that this situation does not happen? This could be your question and we would like to say yes. The water intrusion into the living space does not happen suddenly. There will be plenty of signs before the rainwater can penetrate the roof and enter the living space. Here are the things that you need to watch out for. 


    Is your roof sagging


    This is one of the first signs that there is a need to worry about possible rainwater leaks from the roof. This is easy to catch and it is also dangerous if you ignore it. The primary damage has been done to the roof decking and the damage will come to the forefront when the structure starts to develop sagging features. This means that the roof has suffered from constant moisture exposure and it is now getting pushed down right in the middle. You need to immediately think of repairs to the roof. 


    There could be a change in the gutter function


    A properly functioning gutter is necessary for the roof and more so if your area receives extensive rainfall. The gutter has multiple functions and first, it will make sure that water coming down the roof is kept at bay from the walls & overhangs. The gutter will divert the flow of water away from the home. There could be a risk if you find a change in gutter function. It is a cause of worry, if you have to face overflowing gutters. Are the roof gutters facing low flow at the downspouts? These are indicators that someday you might have to deal with a leak of rainwater from the roof. You must undertake repairs soon. 


    Are there wet spots in the attic?


    A check on the attic of the home is always necessary and you must conduct this inspection after there have been heavy rains in your area. You could take a ladder and climb up the attic space of the home. Do you come across wet spots in this part of the home? This is an indicator that there has been minimum water penetration and you must do the repairs now. If you ignore this damage, the problem will only deteriorate and someday the rainwater will enter your living space. Hence, you need to address the problem at the nascent stage. 




    We have just discussed some indicators that say you might have to face sudden water leaks into the living space from the roof. There are more signs and if you suddenly see water dripping through lightning fixtures, then once again the roof is the culprit. You need to consult an El Monte roof repair specialist for the remedial work. It is only a professional who can offer these fixes and never the work of a novice. This is the reason why you need to call a professional roofer to do the repairs.