How to Connect HP Envy 4520 Printer to WIFI Network

  • The entire setup of the HP envy wireless printer only requires a couple of simple steps for proper setup. Within this guide, we will explain in full detail all approaches to solve HP Error 0xc18a0206 in a step-by-step arrangement. Before starting the HP envy wireless printer setup, make sure you meet all the prerequisites for the wireless printer settings and that you also have all the system settings, which you may need to continue the process.

    Best way to configure an HP envy 4520 Printers on a Wireless Network

    This will likely briefly explain what you will need to be sure to go over and prepare ahead of time. Here are some basic requirements that you must meet before getting an HP printer wireless link process.

    • Make sure your wireless router is working properly and is turned on.
    • Detect your system title and essential network.

    Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

    If your HP printer and system meet all the necessary requirements, WPS will be the easiest way to pair your HP envy 4520 wireless printers with your computer.

    • WPS systems basically require a physical WPS button on your wireless router.
    • Your own HP Envy 4520 printer supports the WPS method (continue with user guide), so that's the benefit.
    • Your system must be protected along with all WPA or WPA 2 security protocols.
    • Continue with the printer connection process when you have made sure of all the prerequisites.
    • Make sure the printer is connected to the power source and can be turned on.
    • Now press the WPS button on your router.
    • Press that WPS button on your router after a couple of seconds. You may need to keep pressing the button over and over for several seconds to activate the WPS attribute.
    • You need to search the system to the printer and establish the link.
    • Try to print something to check if the printer is configured correctly or not.

    HP Wireless Setup Wizard for Wireless Link

    This type of method is only supported by HP envy printers in conjunction with the display. Now that the HP 4520 is equipped with a printer display, you can opt for this particular method of wireless linking to your HP printer.

    • Press the network icon and continue the setup on your HP printer driver panel.
    • Choose the radio setup wizard option from the system setup menu.
    • Your printer will reveal the community titles found within the area.
    • Find and choose your own network.
    • You need to go to the bottom of the list and enter the title. You need to make sure you have entered the title as it is.
    • Then the configuration will ask for the essential network. Here again, enter the precise characters as they are case-sensitive as well.
    • Once complete, your printer will connect to the wireless system and will also be ready to use up print control.

    These are the simple techniques you can use to wirelessly link your HP envy 4520 printers. If you follow each of the steps offered as mentioned, we are confident that you will not face any problems and that your printer will print perfectly fine. In case of additional difficulties, go directly to the HP site for additional help.