How to resolve Error 0x00000709 Cannot Set Default HP Printer

  • HP is a popular hardware manufacturing industry known for PCs and printers. You can find a good HP printer for your home or businesses. These printer devices are robust and you can easily use the device as it has a very simple interface. While using the HP printer, some users face the 0x00000709 error code. This error occurs when the user is unable to set the HP printer as default. 

    Try disabling automatic management of printer

    When you are unable to set your printer as default then you can try to disable the automatic management.

    1. Open the Settings page and go to Devices
    2. From left-hand side, choose the Printers & Scanners option
    3. Search for the Let Windows manage default printer option
    4. Toggle the button to Off

    Now close all the programs and apps running on the system. Now again try to set your HP printer as default and check for the error.

    Set your HP printer as Default using manual steps 

    If you are getting Error 0xc18a0206 while using the printer then try to set the printer using manual steps. Sometimes you can get the error if some of the programs or files restrict the settings. Set the HP device as default by using these steps:

    1. Go to your device and then tap on Control Panel
    2. Click on the Hardware and Sound
    3. Now go to the Devices and Printers

    Check for the list of devices. Right-click on your HP and then choose the printer as the default printer. After setting the printer as default, you can use your printer.

    Run the malware infection

    Some functions of your printer device can get into error due to malware infection. The virus threats multiply and start corrupting various programs on the system. When you change the settings; the virus interrupts the process. You can fix the HP printer related error after removing all the viruses from the system. Using freeware won’t remove all the malware. You should use a premium antivirus that can remove all the threats. Open the dashboard of your antivirus and scan the system. Now scan the computer for malware infection. The full scan needs lots of time to complete. Go to the printer and again try to set it as default.

    Repair the registry files on your device

    The computer can show the error message or restrict any changes on the system when some of the registry files get corrupted. The user can’t fix the error code until he fixes the registry files.

    1. Open your command prompt and type regedit
    2. Hit the Enter and search for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\NT\CurrentVersion\Windows
    3. Check the list on your screen
    4. Right-click and select the Permissions
    5. You will get the list of names; select the Admin account and then choose the Full Control option
    6. Hit the Apply button 

    Now you have to select the Windows registry key from the Window screen and then choose the Device key. Go to the field of Value and then enter the name of your printer and hit the OK button. Close all your programs and files from the screen and then restart it. Now try to set the printer as default. In case, you are still facing the same error message then open the registry editor again. Remove the device key and then reboot your device. Now check for other solutions as editing the registry files wrongly can get your whole system down.

    Create a new User account

    When you are unable to change the default printer on your system then you can try creating a new account. Open your PC and then type netplwiz. Hit the OK button and tap on Add option. Select the Sign-in without MS account option. Choose a Local account and then enter the new username and password. Don’t provide anything on the password hint option. Now open your new account and then set your HP printer as default. 

    Use Run as admin method

    When you are unable to fix the HP printer related error then try to use the admin method. Open Devices and Printers option and check for the printer list. Click on the HP printer and right-click. Tap on See what’s printing and then select Set as default option. When the printer is still showing an error then contact the HP team.