In all honesty I was very satisfied with RS

  • I played a little bit in the pvp game worlds for RuneScape gold a while in which I killed three players and getting two kills. But I haven’t played since 2002. When I was irritated over my death, I decided that I should go to the barrows. I reviewed the prices in the market, but I don't believe they've dropped so significantly. Also I think that more things have traded values. Therefore, I stood the chance of making huge profits this year as I did a years ago.

    I gave up immediately when I got the mage 94. I made the decision to use it. I bought an ahrims robetop and mystic bottom and started plowing through the brothers. There were no obvious nerfs, but I was happy to learn new methods. Another thing I loved about RS is how players did what they could to make minor updates to fight minigames and PKing.

    13 trips later, I was able to get 13 trips later I had a Dharok helm. I only remembered that the helm was 5m long when I analyzed the GE. My first reaction was to think "WTF?" but I only had 3m total items at the time I received it because I was wasting time in pvp worlds and therefore I spent the money on random things and chose to do the thing I loved most - 1 itemizing. I had much more productive excursions, generating 1.5m from statuettes.

    I will not return to this group as they continue to make me feel foolish. Please, don't attack random serious PKers, that's an unnecessary waste of my salmon as well as four castings of Ice Blitz. I also tested RuneScapeHD. This was a mixed result. While testing RSHD at barrows I got another dharok helm, so I now have random crap in my bank which is declining in value and 11 mil cash, but nothing in comparison to my best, but not like I care.

    In all honesty I was very satisfied with RS. There were some things I did not attempt, but I think that the game has evolved to become more enjoyable. Jagex, don’t delete my account. I might come back in the next few years. Discussion about buy old school rs gold the changes in RS from 2007's summer.