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RuneScape - I have met a Dragonkin in the past

  • I have an idea. once you finish what you'll need to OSRS gold build a adequate HQ, you can even participate within it. To make it sufficient you need atleast: six barricades, a 200-step long field, a fortress, and two guard turrets.

    Tell Idria everything you've seen. Idria will recommend that you beat Lucien to Movario. You will receive an orb you can use against Movario. However, you must find Movario. You have a lead that he is in Catherby. Visit Catherby and search for the house to the north of the bank. Bob the Cat will be there. Wear your Catspeak Amulet, and chat with Bob. It's been a long time since I last was with you. I still won't forget what you had to say about me being a human though, and killing the Dragonkin. Well, the Dragon Kin had friends.

    I have met a Dragonkin in the past, but everybody thinks I'm drunk whenever I mention Dragonkin. I guess I can't blame them. In any case, I'm trying to locate an individual named Movario. Oh yeah, that guy. He's not the most pleasant to cats. He was eating a plate of tuna, but when I introduced the normal human-like instructions that you might call "purring", he still did not provide me with any!

    Humans are apathetic. All they care about are books, books, books. He makes Unferth seem like a person who is fun. Where is he now? What can I do to find out? It is likely that he is located in an area with lots of research but no cats. It's unfortunate that he's in such a terrible place.

    A place with research, eh? There is Movario at the Runecrafting Guild arguing with Wizards Aantha and Vief. Apply the orb to Movario, and he'll be teleported to the White Knight Castle jail cell. Go to Falador and begin questioning him. Movario will tell you that he believes that Lucien's Stone of Jas might be fake. Movario will explain that the Stone of Jas Lucien gave you incredible power indicated that it could be linked to the real thing, but that the link was broken when the stone was removed. Movario will not be able to cheap RuneScape gold provide any other information aside from the fact that he loved Dorgeshkan.