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El filtro de aceite del motor

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    El filtro de aceite del motor

    The oil filter is the basic component for the normal operation of the engine, and the cost is very low. We recommend that you change the oil filter every time you need to change the lubricating oil.Get more news about filtro de aceite,you can vist our website!

    These filters are usually made of cellulose paper, cotton and synthetic materials, using a simple system: the paper is placed on a metal frame so that the oil pressure does not deform it and winds it around the support in the lubrication circuit.

    Split oil filter

    They come in up to 150 different sizes and are very suitable for our vehicle system. According to the materials used in the manufacturing process, they can be divided into two types of oil filters:

    When oil filters do not use metal parts, they are called organic filters because they are very easy to recycle and environmentally friendly spare parts.

    What is the function of the oil filter?

    Its main function is to protect the lubricating oil from impurities that may reach it before the lubricating oil begins to lubricate through the engine lubrication circuit.

    Otherwise, metal particles separated from the friction and combustion residues of some components will enter the oil and begin to lubricate engine components, which may lead to premature wear of bearings or bearings, resulting in damage to pistons and cylinder liners and blockage of any movable engine components.

    In the latter case, the situation becomes worse because the obstacle is particularly dangerous to the vehicle engine and may lead to "engine failure" caused by the well-known loss of oil pressure.