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Forgetting This Small Home Update Could Be a Big Security Risk

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    Forgetting This Small Home Update Could Be a Big Security Risk

    There's one safety precaution you don't want to skip when moving into a new home. See which generation fails to make this change most, plus options for keeping your home secure.To get more news about electronic safe lock, you can visit securamsys.com official website.
    There is something you might be forgetting when moving homes. It’s a vital step and can prevent your home from an unwanted intruder or worse. Yet almost half of Americans skip it before settling into a new home. So which home safety precaution should you keep in mind? Changing the locks!

    Think about it: So many of us trust neighbors with a spare key in case of emergencies. And if your new home has a code lock, that code could have been given to any delivery man, visitor, Airbnb guest, electrician—you get the picture. Changing your lock as soon as you move in is the only way of knowing who can gain entrance.
    The Home Depot recently conducted a study involving 1,000 Americans who have moved in the past year. Of those surveyed, almost two in five respondents have yet to change their locks. Baby Boomers were the highest offenders, 52 percent of which had not changed their locks. Gen Xers (33 percent) and Millennials (31 percent) trailed closely. Almost a quarter of all 1,000 respondents admitted they have no plans to change their locks after their move.

    With smart technology on the rise, there are more and more options for home security. If you recently moved and have yet to change your lock, consider one of these smart locks. Even if you’ve had the same lock for years, this new technology could allow you to change the code each time you give it to a delivery worker, babysitter, or housekeeper.Voted the best smart lock by Consumer Reports, this model by August works with your current deadbolt instead of replacing the lock entirely. Like most smart locks, it controls access to your home via your phone and can grant guests access codes. Each time the door is locked or unlocked, you can see who entered your home with the automatic access log.

    Personalized guest codes are a major bonus for busy homeowners and large families. This smart lock by Schlage lets you make guest codes for up to 100 people and schedule the code to only work when you choose. This means you can give your dog walker her own special code to enter your home only at, say, 12:30 p.m. every weekday.

    If a lock connected to your smartphone is out of your interest or budget, we recommend switching to this simple option. From the outside, it looks like any ordinary deadbolt door lock. However, it has the ability to re-key without involving a locksmith. With this technology, you can buy a new key and set it to work on the lock. Once switched, the old key will no longer work. One Amazon reviewer says he uses this lock on all the doors in his rental properties.