Fan-made football kits that are arguably better than the real t

  • Fan-made football kits that are arguably better than the real thing

    Football kits have come a long way since the classic block colour shirts that Pele wore for Brazil or Bobby Charlton wore with England. It seems contemporary fashion is now at a stage where designers are happy to take risks to create the next big style.Get more news about cheap soccer jacket,you can vist!

    Footballers clearly like their fashion - look no further than Neymar's casual swagger or Hector Bellerin's wardrobe ensembles at 2018's Men's London Fashion Week - but it could be argued they aren't looking as trendy on the pitch as they are off it.

    Classic shirt collector and friend of BBC Three, Neal Heard, said, "football shirts, like everything, move with the times," however arguably the biggest change to Arsenal's 2018 shirt is the addition of collars to the neck. "Let's go back to making some more noise with shirts," Neal told us in 2016.

    Football fans from around the world have been taking matters into their own hands by designing their own daring and flamboyant football kits, and we spoke to some of the leading players in the field.People love fashion. People love football. Mash them together and they go crazy for it," football fan and designer Marlon Feeney-Thompson, known as 'Settpace', told BBC Three.

    "There's a subculture now and there wasn't when I started. There was only me and two other guys that were doing it but now there are loads of alternative designers"There are certain guidelines set by Fifa and Uefa about how kits can look, so alternative designers now want to be free and make crazy designs that you wouldn't be able to see on the pitch because of those guidelines. They just want to do something different I think."

    Twenty-one-year-old Andy Slater, who works under the alias 'xztals' on Instagram, told us how the social media platform has been a major player in the way fan designers connect with broader fans."People's jobs nowadays revolve around Instagram as it gives people careers. I've noticed that design work is a lot more prominent on Instagram when compared to other social media pages."

    Well, Marlon reckons they should. "Sportswear and fashion are very close and football replicas are £100 pieces. They should have some fashion elements to them."

    The 23-year-old designer creates kits that infuse styles from high-end fashion brands such as Gucci, Versace and Tommy Hilfiger, as seen with his Balmain-inspired PSG shirt.