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9 Best Electric Motorcycles of 2021!

  • Electric vehicles are slowly taking over the automotive industry, as renewable energy is taking center stage in society and politics. Motorcycle manufacturers also see great potential in this technology, as they can make bikes more lightweight while offering decent power. This industry is currently at its peak, with giants like Harley-Davidson making their debut into the game. Of course, most of them have their limitations, but we think that they will replace the regular motorcycles very soon. Here are the best electric motorcycles that your money can buy (or pre-order) in 2021!To get more news about zeroemissions, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

    #1: Zero SR
    Zero Motorcycles is a company based in California that has extensive experience in crafting superb electric motorcycles. This electric motorbike is a showcase of that.

    Zero SR is a fantastic looker and isn’t just focusing on being the most glittery electric motorcycle on the road. It confides on profound looks and flamboyant performance that makes it one of the best electric motorcycles on the market. The quality of the Zero SR electric motorcycle is hard to beat – only a few manufacturers come to the same level of quality.
    #2: Lightning Strike
    If you don’t have more than 20.000$ for an electric motorcycle, Lightning Motorcycles have got you covered! This electric motorbike company barged in the e-motorcycle market five years ago. They promised to launch an all-electric motorbike with one of the most affordable price tags on the market. For a reasonable price of 12,998$, you can dive into state-of-the-art motorcycle technology without raising a hefty credit sum.


    Their signature electric motorcycle, Lightning Strike doesn’t have the best range of the motorcycles on this list, but the charge time of 35 minutes is a huge benefit to consider! It offers 150 mph top speed, a specification that elevates this model to the industry giants. Because of that, Lightning Strike is one of the best and most wanted electric motorcycles of 2021!
    #3: Energica EGO
    Got more money to spare? This premium-priced electric motorbike looks like a million dollars and proves that Italy houses some of the best electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world. It is foremost a racing bike, designed by top-class engineers by F1 and Le Mans engineers.

    #4: Harley-Davidson LiveWire
    The legendary Harley-Davidson brand is coming to the electric motorcycle market. Their signature model, LiveWire, got its release in August 2019. It surprised Harley-Davidson and motorcycle enthusiasts positively, with a premium price tag coupled with awesome specifications. What surprised them the most is the shiny bodywork, powerful electric engine, and of course, the legendary Harley-Davidson name.

    #5: Tarform
    This electric motorbike from Tarform is inspired by the cafe racer motorbikes which is proven by its creative body design which is one of the finest on the market. But, Tarform motorbike is so much more than a creative showpiece of a motorcycle. You can actually customize it, with many personalized options available to potential buyers.

    One of the main modifications that you can get are the larger batteries that can increase an already impressive range of 90 miles per charge. This improves the riding experience greatly. The charge time of the Tarform battery is 4 hours.

    #6: Brutus V9
    The classic chopper look and an electric battery sound like a perfect combination, right? Well, Brutus V9 is both of that! This cruiser style motorcycle is perfect for long rides, being very stable and offering additional storage for your belongings.

    Brutus V9 boasts a top speed of 115 mph, coupled with a battery range of 280 miles. This could be the best electric motorcycle for a cross-country trip worthy of its bigger and badder cruiser cousins!
    #7: Vespa Elettrica
    Vespa is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to scooters. That is so because of their expert craftsmanship and general ease of use. Vespa started to offer some of the best moped options since 1946, back then when classic motorcycles were to intimidated by ordinary people.

    Vespa brought motorcycling to the masses in the last century, and now they are aiming to do the same for the electric motorcycle market. While Elettrica is no racer, it is an extremely compact electric motorcycle that certainly is up to the task.

    #8: Victory Empulse TT
    Victory Motorcycles is another big USA motorcycle brand, a direct competitor to Harley-Davidson. They are owned by Polaris, who owns Indian, the first US-based motorcycle company. Victory is certainly a big player in this market. They make mean bikes that can easily outshine the competition.

    Victory Empulse TT is their debut into the electric motorcycle market. They usually make cruiser bikes, but this one is certainly a sports bike. Well, Victory bought the tech for this bike from Brammo and stuck their logo to the tech. They certainly improved the overall look and added battery that is 10% stronger than the original.

    #9: Cake Kalk&
    Kalk& is the only off-road electric motorcycle on this list, and it comes from Cake. This is actually their first motorcycle that you can bring to the road legally. It sports a minimalistic design that is catchy to the eye and is great to ride both in the city and off-road.

    When you are tired of the city, you can hit the dirt trails as this bike is made with these trails in mind. The suspension is highly capable, and the bike is lightweight and slim, just perfect for a relaxing ride out of the city. It features a lithium-ion battery of 2.6 kWh that will take you 83 miles on a single charge. Kalk& can go up to 56 mph of speed. When you manage to get out of juice, you can charge this bike from zero to hero in only 2 and a half hours!

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