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Can Burglars Hack My Smart Locks?

  • Can Burglars Hack My Smart Locks?

    One of the first questions anyone asks when learning about automated Smart Locks is, "Can a burglar hack my smart lock?"To get more news about electronic safe lock, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

    The quick and transparent answer is, "Yes," and that's because anything that requires an encrypted password can, ultimately, be hacked. However, you could also ask, "Can my current, manual lock and dead bolt be hacked?" and that answer would not only be, "yes," but also, "yes, and it happens much more frequently!"Manual locks and bolts can be picked - pure and simple. In fact, according to the 2015 FBI - Crime in the United States: Burglary report, of burglaries committed that year, "57.9 percent of burglaries involved forcible entry, 35.5 percent were unlawful entries, and 6.6 percent were attempted forcible entry." This means that the entirety of home burglaries attributed to forced entry began with lock picking and/or the breaking of a home's window or door.

    Notice that none of those statistics reflected smart lock corruption via hacking? That's because thus far, there haven't been enough reported smart lock hacks, leading to a genuine burglary, to even score a single percentage point on the FBI's radar. In fact, to our knowledge at this publication date, there are no smart lock hacks that have led to any burglaries. Period.

    The only successful hacks of Bluetooth-enabled locks (Smart Locks) were performed by professional "white-hat" hackers who are intentionally hired by companies and agencies to find existing weak spots so the said company/agency is informed and has the chance to repair the vulnerability and maintain more impenetrable security systems.

    What the FBI's burglary statistics reveal is that smart locks, rather than standard, manual versions are a safer security bet.So that begs the question, which Smart Locks are unable to be hacked and which ones are not?

    Def Con is an annual, Las Vegas "Hacker" convention. There, hacker - and security - enthusiasts gather from around the world to find and discuss vulnerabilities in the tech industry. In 2015, presenters Anthony Rose and Ben Ramsey reported on 16 of the security industries most well-known smart lock manufacturers, reporting what they considered to be "bad news," in terms of the majority of smart lock models and their inability to provide adequate Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) security.

    Working with only about $100-worth of hacking tools, Rose and Ramsey were able to find vulnerabilities in 75% of the industry's most well-known products, including Mesh Motion, Quicklock, Plantraco, iBlulock, Ceomate, Elecycle, Vians and Okidokey. Now, the good news about these hacks is that since all were only first- and second-generation products, their manufacturers took this information and handed it to their software programmers, immediately patching the smart locks' vulnerabilities.This list proves that quality of product and brand reputation are key to purchasing a smart lock that is secure and will do its job when integrated with your smart home security platform.

    In terms of home security systems you can trust, we feel Honeywell Total Connect is as top-notch as it gets. The quality and security of this product are incomparable with most other brands and their customer service is superb. This is why Honeywell the only automated home security company we use unless a client requests otherwise. We are always happy to provide information about other, reputable automated home security systems upon request.

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