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Sales of high-speed electric motorcycles will exceed 140,000 in

  • 2021 was a roller coaster vehicle for the automotive industry, with fuel prices hitting a new record for semiconductor shortages and a major marketing campaign by electric vehicle startups. But most importantly, FAME II-compliant high-speed electric motorcycles sold 142,829 units, up 61% to 425%, albeit on a year-old basis. Meanwhile, according to data shared by the Association of Electric Vehicle Manufacturers (SMEV), overall e2W sales (low speed and high speed) were 233,971 units, with 61% of sales coming from the high speed category. The top body that represents the electric vehicle industry.To get more news about electric motorcycle for sale, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

    High speed E2W, speeds above 25kph and license required, recorded a whopping 425% growth, while slow E2W (less than 25kph, no license, no registration) grew only 24%.

    According to SMEV, the slow category experienced negative growth in the last two quarters of 2021. The market share of the low speed segment has been over 70% in all years so far, but the low speed E2W is subsidized under the FAME 2 policy, which gives incentives only to high speed bikes based on a battery capacity of 15,000 kwh. It is an entry-level high-speed e2ws. It’s cheaper than many of the slower ones.


    Sohinder Gill, Secretary-General of the Association of Electric Vehicle Manufacturers, said: Over the past 15 years, it has sold about 1 million units of e2w, e-three Wheelers, e-car and e-bus, and is likely to sell the same 1 million units in just one year from January 2022. The EV policy change through FAME II is a breakthrough and a decisive government move to secure a cleaner and more environmentally friendly transport sector and reduce reliance on expensive and polluted liquid fuels. is. With attractive prices, reduced running costs and reduced maintenance, customers are beginning to move from petrol motorcycles to electric vehicles. A significant proportion of customers also consider the environment and sustainability when deciding to buy an electric motorcycle. Looking at recent monthly trends, the next 12 months could see 5-6 times growth over the last 12 months. “

    The electric motorcycle market is divided into three segments: low speed, urban speed and high speed. While the slow segment is declining, the urban speed segment (up to 50kph) is gaining momentum with attractive pricing and reduced battery replacement costs. It is rarely used in the high-speed segment above 70kph, but may increase over the next few years as battery prices fall.

    Gil explains the misleading nomenclature used for electric motorcycles in India: “Currently, all-electric motorcycles sold in India are called electric bikes or electric bikes, but they are actually electric bikes (about 2% of the market) or two people can sit comfortably and they. Electric scooters (98%) that look like the counterparts of motorcycles on motorcycles. There is no electronic scooter that allows riders to stand and travel short distances as seen in North America and Europe. Selling electric bicycles in India (global) (Widely known as e-bikes) is also very few and has just begun. However, within the next few years, e-scooters, e-motorcycles, e-cycles for large and organized players. We plan to offer products to all segments up to. In four to five years, we can confidently predict that about 30% of the motorcycle market will be electric. Central and state policies. Both serve as a powerful tailwind to transform India’s mobility sector into electricity, reducing air pollution and helping to achieve the ever-increasing crude oil import bill. “

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