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10 Best Rick And Morty Bongs

  • Rick and Morty is undoubtedly one of the hottest animated science fiction sitcoms, winning the hearts of different groups. If you enjoy watching the adventures of Rick and Morty, you must wish for a Rick and Morty Bong to add more fun to your hits or optimize your established bong collection. This detailed guide of the Best Rick and Morty Bongs for 2021 explores what you should consider before picking one Rick and Morty-themed Bong for yourself, so read on.To get more news about klein recycler bong, you can visit sharebongs.com official website.
    1. Rick and Morty Bong
    If you prefer a bottle-shaped glass bong, this Rick and Morty Bong is a must-have for your smoking setup. Despite the bottle shape, the stability is not less than classic beaker base bongs because it comes with a circular base which prevents them from turning over on virtually any surface.

    2. Pickle Rick Bong 10
    Do you like Pickle Rick? Do you want to get hits from it? You can realize it easily and affordably with this 10" Pickle Rick Bong.

    It is equipped with a green percolator efficient enough for the smoke to touch the water and cool it down for you. While the bong measures 10 inches, most of the height comes from the long neck, which helps to bring a more pleasurable experience. Two pinched rings in the neck serve as ice holders. Put in some ice cubes while smoking for a hit so fresh, and it will give you goosebumps.
    3. Mad Scientist Ceramic Bong
    The body of the bong is shaped like Rick sitting on a wooden crate, holding a massive rocket launcher. The exquisite ceramic craft and bold colors bring the character from the TV show to life! But the piece is there for more than good looks. Despite the unconventional design, the mouthpiece is positioned perfectly for easy hits. Made from premium ceramics, the bong is strong enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use. This attractive piece also features a highly-efficient downstem, making all of your hits silky smooth!
    4. 8" Rick and Morty Bong
    If you want a portable beaker bong with a smaller size, treat yourself to this 8" Rick and Morty Bong. It can perfectly slip into your backpack for safe and easy transport, making it ideal for trips, parties, and festivals.

    5. Rick and Morty Bubbler
    If you want to take a step outside the norm, check out this Rick and Morty Bubbler. Look, here comes the mad scientist holding the bowl. Rick has been reproduced in detail, including his hairs, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth! Only the best craft can achieve that.

    With an alluring artwork design, the 8-inch bubbler doesn't sacrifice quality. The diffuser in the bottom of the bubbler separates the smoke when it's pulled through the submerged holes in the diffused downstem. This process delivers a hit that's cooler, more filtered, and a lot less harsh on the throat. Will you refuse Rick's invitation?
    6. Rick and Morty Water Pipe Bent Neck
    It's time to get wrecked with this small Rick and Morty Water Pipe Bent Neck that stands at just 8 inches in height. The small size makes this bong an ideal piece for sharing or carrying around for tokes on the go.
    This Assorted Graphic Beaker Bong does a great job at creating cooler and more filtered hits through the downstem and the matching flower bowl. Despite the huge hits, you will be free from water splash thanks to the mini glass bong's twin splash guards and bent neck adorned with Rick and Morty hand paint. Plus, the ​bent neck design allows for easier access to the mouthpiece, so you don't have to get in position every time to take a bong rip.
    7. Rick and Morty Bong Glow in the Dark
    Are you lovers of glow in the dark bongs? If yes, you can't miss this Rick and Morty Glow in the Dark Bong. Maybe it is not much different from many classic cartoon bongs with beaker base during the day, but while night falls, you will wonder why you didn't own it earlier. This stunning glass bong will brighten up your night seshes with its all-over painted cartoon characters that glow in the dark.
    8. RNM Straight Tube Bong
    If you are an experienced smoker, you must know that the biggest advantages of straight tube bongs are their simplicity and efficiency. You don't have to inhale with much effort to fill the chamber of a straight tube bong with little or no drag. The ice catcher is a three-pinch formation located at the center of the tube to hold ice and avoid the annoying spill.

    9. 8" Rick and Morty Cone Bong
    As another excellent piece for any Rick and Morty fan's collection, this 8" Rick and Morty Glass Cone Bong is tastefully shaped and decorated. The modern and stylish cone shape is a twist on traditional beaker or straight tube bongs.

    10. RNM Silicone Bong
    The indestructible silicone construction makes this water pipe amazingly portable and easy to store. It won't break even though you accidentally drop it. The straight tube bong has always been a go-to for the design of water pipes because this style allows for smoother and more drag-free airflow. But this straight tube bong takes it to the next level! It is easier for you to reach the mouthpiece by canting the tube slightly backward, and you will enjoy a more comfortable hitting experience.

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