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Wireline series Core Barrel stop ring BQ NQ HQ PQ NQ3 HQ3

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    Wireline series Core Barrel stop ring BQ NQ HQ PQ NQ3 HQ3


    The drilling fluid circuit operates withinthe available annular areaprovided.More specifically, after travelling through the drill rods, the fluid enters the core barrel.Get more news about Wireline Stop Ring,you can vist our website!
    There it is channelled between the inner and outer tubes, exiting via the throat of the diamond bit, and back out between the outer tube and bore hole wall to the collar .
    At the bit end of the inner tube, core lifter case adjustment and core lifter selection are of great importance. The core lifter case needs to be placed close enough to the throat of the bit to allow for efficient core breakage, butundesirable increase in fluid pressureand/or sample washing from the drilling fluid.

    By design, the tapered core lifter slides along the inside of the core lifter case, wedging and securing itself onto the core during core recovery and breaking.
    Core lifter core lifter case and stop ring

    1. available in all standard drilling sizes

    2. hardened alloy as raw material,it can serve in a long lifespan

    3. core lifters are divided into slotted and flutted .They have the advantages of good springness and long life.

    4.Our company produces all kinds of core lifters ,which have the merits of good springness and long life.The core lifter pedestal experiences salt bath quenching which makes it good stability.

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