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7 Tips to Extend Your E-Bike Battery’s Life

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    7 Tips to Extend Your E-Bike Battery’s Life

    What’s the real magic behind electric bikes? The battery. Batteries power virtually every part of your e-bike, fueling your most epic adventures and riding memories. It’s no surprise they’re one of the most important components on an electric bike. And why it’s SO important to keep your battery in tip-top shape. Whether you’re thinking of buying an e-bike or are already a seasoned e-biker, check out these battery health tips to enjoy your bike for years to come.To get more news about ebike battery charging, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

    1. Hold It Sparky!
    The safest way to charge is by first connecting the charger to the battery and THEN plugging it into the wall. This helps you get a proper connection before electricity starts flowing and prevents arcing. All Juiced batteries can be charged on or off the bike; it's totally up to you.

    2. The Right Environment
    Charge your battery in a dry, clean, and temperate area. Never charge in a damp or cluttered environment. Messy garages are the cause of many household accidents, so if it's a concern it may be time for some seasonal cleaning or charge the battery in a less cluttered location.

    3. Top It Off
    The best time to charge your bike is right before your ride. Never charge right after riding! You want to wait at least 30 minutes before charging to allow the battery to cool down. Remember to always check your voltage on your LCD before you roll out.
    4. Set It, but Don’t Forget It
    Set a timer to ensure you don’t forget to unplug the battery. You can use your cell phone to set a timer or even pick up an outlet timer at any hardware store. When the charger goes from red to green your battery is fully charged and you should unplug it. Unplug the charger from the wall and then unplug the charger from the battery.

    5. Hibernation
    If you’re not riding during the winter, it’s important to store your battery inside and at the right charge level. Keep your charge at 50% capacity when storing. The battery will self-discharge over time so if you’re not riding for two months or more be sure to check the charge every so often and charge back up to 50% when needed.
    6. Safe Travels
    Electric bikes are the ideal travel companion but remember to remove your battery from the frame using the key whenever transporting on a rack or truck bed. Water can damage your model’s electrical components, so be sure you use a waterproof cover while transporting if the forecast is rainy.

    7. The 80/20 Rule
    Ideally you want to keep your battery between 80% and 20% voltage. Use our voltage vs. percentage chart to know where your battery falls before charging. Check the voltage on your LCD or use our battery charge monitor to get an accurate read of how much power you are putting back into your battery every time!
    Love your new e-bike? Make sure you show your love by taking care of your battery. In exchange, your battery will love you back with a longer life and more riding miles! Use these helpful tips to avoid range loss and get the most smiles out of your ride. For additional information on how to extend your battery life check out our video on battery health.

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