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How does HEATTECH Clothing Actually Work?

  • How does HEATTECH Clothing Actually Work?


    HEATTECH clothing took many years to perfect and its technology is a layer of air between the fibers preventing the heat from escaping. Read the article to know more on how does HEATTECH clothing work.
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    UNIQLO's HEATTECH technology is taking the world by a storm. People who have experienced it state they have never experienced such a thin layer, giving out such warmth. It has a staple-wear in all cold-weather countries. In Japan, it is so famous that people have termed a coinage called UNIBARE, meaning we know you all are wearing UNIQLO.
    Why is the Material Special?

    Made with high-quality polyester blends, acrylic, and rayon HEATTECH wicks the body's moisture into fibers and converts the kinetic energy into heat. The air pockets which are within the ultra-thin fibers do not let the heat escape. The result of it is a lightweight layer of warmth without the bulk.

    HEATTECH also stretches and shrinks to fit you perfectly. The comfort level is unparalleled, allowing the utmost movement of the body. HEATTECH generates warmth and fights bacteria, which prevents odor, static electricity and is highly comfortable. It is an embodiment of Japanese technology. HEATTECH was born from cutting-edge fiber technology, where Japan was leading the world. You need not wear multiple-layers of clothing anymore.
    How is the HEATTECH Clothing Made?

    HEATTECH clothing is truly an invention that is ahead of its time. More than 10000 prototypes have been created before this line of the product reached its final stages. This clothing needed specialized machinery along with a highly dedicated assembly line to get produced.

    A joint partnership between UNIQLO and textile manufacturers Toray brought about this clothing that is an epitome of comfort and warmth during winters. UNIQLO's HEATTECH utilized fibre technology to create warm and comfortable clothing, which is also extremely stylish.

    It fights bacteria, prevents the body odour, and stops static energy from being a major problem. This clothing has been in the market since 2003 and since then they have constantly been improving based upon the customer reviews.

    The Popularity of the Clothing?

    It will not be exaggerating to say that the HEATTECH clothing has taken the winter world by a storm. More than 100 million pieces have been sold in seven different countries, including America, England, France, and Japan. This clothing is changing the way people dress during winters.

    What kind of HEATTECH products does UNIQLO make?

    The question can also be rephrased by saying how does UNIQLO'S HEATTECH works and does the raw materials fall within categories? The answer is yes, several pieces of clothing fall into the HEATTECH line and categories.

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