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Know the basics of upholstery leather and become an expert

  • Using chromium salts, upholstery leather hides are tanned in large drums. The leather remains supple and responsive to color after chrome tanning as opposed to vegetable tanning. The upholstery hides are then finished by using a variety of techniques listed below. Natural marks on leather, often called "nature's signature," are characteristic of fine leather. Unlike textiles and fabrics, upholstery leather can last for many, many years if properly cared for.

    Full Aniline Leather

    Non-toxic aniline dyes are used to color full aniline leather hides, which are not treated with a protective finish. This allows it to absorb natural oils quickly and develop a rich patina. Natural marks on cowhide such as healed scars, scratches, insect bites, and brands will be visible with aniline dyes. An aniline finish can only be applied to full-grain leather hides with limited natural markings. Also referred to as "naked leather," aniline leather is the purest form of leather. Aniline leather treated with only a light coat or wax is known as "protected aniline leather."

    Semi Aniline Leather

    A thin layer of pigment is applied to semi-aniline leather hides in order to even out the color. After the hides are sprayed with a clear protective topcoat or wax, they are protected against stains and wear while retaining the natural look and feel of aniline leather. Natural markings such as healed scars and scratches, insect bites, and marks can often be seen. Standard leathers are more affordable and less valued than semi-aniline leathers.

    Pigmented leather

    Pigmented leather gets its rich, uniform color from a layer of colorants sprayed on it. In addition, a protective topcoat gives it high resistance to spills, stains, fading, and scratches. Pigmented finishes can be applied to both full-grain leather and corrected grain leather. Among the most popular types of upholstery leather, pigmented leather has a soft touch and a very durable finish when made well. It can also be used in automobiles. Type “leather hide store near me” on any browser to check collections of pigmented leathers for home and auto upholstery such as the Essentials, Urban, Market Street, and Dakota.