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A Beginner’s Guide to Innovative Part Turn Valve Actuators – 20

  • Patented designs of part turn valve actuators initiate high-performance operations with an energy-efficient system. Innovation-led technologies produce feature-rich actuators with customisable options for users. Let’s unveil a bit more!

    A quarter turn or 300-degree turn has what made part turn valve actuators earn its name. They have found practical use in bunker slides, lift and mix operations, push/pull, and opening butterfly valves. The two varieties: rack and pinion; rotary hydraulic are usually operational for various requirements.

    When we say “innovative” part turn valve actuators, we don’t just mean mechanical improvements or finishing of a product. Alongside the features like failsafe, wiggle, modulation, multi-turn, speed and torque control, these actuators can be controlled via Smartphones remotely. Of course, manual overrides and controls give maximum satisfaction here, but this technology proves essentially practical in setup and installation. For example, touch pads over the actuators initiate precision installation and allow maximum operational flexibility.

    What is it that the industry will benefit from it? Be it butterfly actuators or gate valves, the accuracy rate sustains within 0.5-degrees, rugged construction, and easy setup. Features like Bluetooth connectivity, plug-in connectors, modulation control, precision installation and rest play a pivotal role in enhancing the value of innovative actuators.

    2021 has seen an uprising of technology in various industries, be it health & medical, mechanical, metallurgy, or IT. The revolution has a capability to build sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions that reduces carbon footprint, boost production quality, increase energy efficiency, and operational flexibility.