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Employment Engagement Surveys - Finger On The Pulse Research

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    Employment Engagement Surveys

    Employees and their performance are crucial to the overall success of your company.  It’s essential to make sure that your workforce is engaged with and aligned to your strategy – engaged colleagues lead directly to improved performance for your business.

    In addition to ensuring your teams have all the tools they need to do the job and are having regular 1:1’s with their line managers, engaging an independent third party, such as Finger on the Pulse Research, to undertake a regular Employee Engagement Survey will enable you to understand and measure the level of employee commitment, engagement, motivation, but also how they feel about the strategic direction of the business and whether they’d recommend others to work for the company.

    All this needs to be measured to ensure your business and your whole workforce are pulling in the same direction and working together to deliver strong performance and growth. This is where Finger on the Pulse Research comes in.

    Conscious of the maxim that ‘you shouldn’t mark your own homework, engaging FOTP Research, a specialist B2B research company, as an independent third party to work with you is the best way forward to develop and conduct an

    Employee Satisfaction Survey for you.

    We will work with you to:

    • Understand your requirements

    • Develop the survey

    • Conduct the Employee Engagement Survey

    • Analyse the data and

    • Present the insights

    This is the most efficient and effective method of undertaking independent and objective Employee Engagement Survey/Research. This can then be expanded into a tracking survey to measure change/employee engagement improvements on an ongoing basis.

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