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Performance Evaluation: everything you need to know!

  • The most remembered activity when it comes to performance management is performance evaluation. These concepts are not synonymous, since evaluation is a phase of performance management, which is a broader and more complete process. Performance should be managed broadly and performance evaluation should not be applied in isolation.

    This consideration of performance appraisal is a part of the process does not diminish its importance. In fact, as it is a tool that will measure the performance of employees, it is essential that it is well planned and executed.

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    Thus, the results of the performance evaluation will be an effective basis for improving the results of the organization and for human development.

    In view of the relevance of the process and the scarcity of consistent data on performance appraisal, we have gathered information on the topic in this guide. We will talk about important concepts, types of performance evaluation, indicators and how to put this process into practice. Come on?

    What is performance appraisal?
    To begin, it is important to understand what performance appraisal is. Chiavenato (1999) defines the process as "a systematic appreciation of the performance of each person according to the activities they perform, the goals and results to be achieved and their development potential".

    Unfolding this definition and its terms, we understand that to perform the performance evaluation is to measure the performance of an employee or group of employees over a period of time.

    This analysis must be made based on the agreements that were established with the professionals regarding their performance at the beginning of the period considered for the assessment. The alignment of expectations is done considering the responsibilities of the function, the goals of the sector, the cultural characteristics of the company and the potential of each one.

    In addition, performance evaluation must be oriented towards the future, that is, it must support actions for the development of human potential within the organization. Thus, it becomes an excellent way to increase productivity, improve the quality of work and improve the quality of life in organizations.