What are the Cloud Computing models?

  • Cloud computing can be classified into models, when you look at the purpose for which it is used. These classifications are based on common usage aspects and new ones have emerged as new services become available, but among the most common, we have:

    IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service.

    It occurs when the user / client is allocated part of the data center infrastructure of the IaaS provider, such as servers, firewall , network, link, VPN .

    Often, the service provider can act as a resource manager, accessing and configuring the operating system of a dedicated server or a VPS , installing services (eg, e-mail ).

    With the adoption of IaaS, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of local hardware, that is, hardware infrastructure and everything that is associated so that this infrastructure remains operational, such as maintenance costs, personnel, physical space, protocols for security, etc.

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    PaaS or Platform as a Service or Platform as a Service, in Portuguese.

    This model is characterized when there is the provision of one platform - or several - as a service.

    Common examples are application development environments, where the service already provides everything needed, such as the operating system, development tools and infrastructure to run and / or test the created application.

    This is a model widely used in the web application development industry for smartphones, for example, which requires an application to be able to operate properly on a wide range of different devices.

    SaaS or Software as a Service, which is Software as a Service, is the most common model and has been gaining more users day by day.

    As the name suggests, it consists of providing services that were previously available only locally (eg on the user's computer) in the form of installed software.

    If you previously needed to buy a license and install an Office application on your PC, now you can use the same application from multiple devices (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone) with Internet access, for a monthly fee or even free of charge ( ex: Google Docs).