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PRP - therapy in orthopedics

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    The quality of life is significantly reduced if a person is diagnosed with joint diseases. These conditions are associated with pain, limitations in movement, and low physical activity in general.

    Therefore, orthopedics is trying to apply innovative methods to restore joints in order to return patients to their usual life as soon as possible. PRP therapy has gained popularity among other recovery methods because of its proven effectiveness.

    Features of the method

    The essence of the method is to restore the working capacity of the joints by using the patient's plasma, which is enriched with platelets. This method allows you to stimulate damaged tissues, thereby relieving inflammation and reducing pain. The use of platelet-rich plasma helps to restore mobility to the joints.

    The orthopedists of our clinic successfully use the method of therapy for the rehabilitation of patients.

    How does therapy work?

    The method of treatment with plasma and platelets injected into it is conservative and is often used to restore joints and tissues located around them. The use of platelets makes it possible to activate stem cells, which are responsible for "repair" in the human body. When tissue is damaged, the delivery of platelets to the site of damage helps trigger cell regeneration.

    Thanks to the use of plasma injection, platelets are directly at the site of the lesion. This simplifies the task for the body, which does not need to transport cells. The restoration of the joints is natural.

    Since there are no vessels in the cartilage tissue, it has limitations in recovery. This process is possible due to the fact that there is synovial fluid in the joint cavity. Therefore, plasma with platelets is injected into the joint cavity. The activated plasma reduces inflammation and the patient feels pain relief.

    How is the therapy going?

    The procedure is performed by an orthopedist-traumatologist in a specially equipped clinic office on an outpatient basis, i.e. you can safely go home after the procedure.

    Plasma is obtained from the patient's blood with prp tubes using a medical prp centrifuge: special equipment that makes it possible to separate plasma from other blood components.

    The following steps are used to conduct therapy:

    1. Collection of blood from the patient's vein. For the procedure, you need to take up to 50 ml of blood;
    2. Placement of blood in a centrifuge in a test tube;
    3. A set of platelet-rich plasma in a 5 ml syringe;
    4. Introduction of the obtained components into the joint cavity by injection.

    Method advantages

    Since the patient's own blood is used for the procedure, the likelihood of allergies and blood rejection is minimized. The risk of contaminating the plasma with blood is zero. The therapy has practically no complications.

    Thanks to modern treatment technology, the following results have been seen:

    • In the area of ​​the inflamed joint, blood circulation improves, which promotes rapid healing;
    • The patient immediately feels relief in terms of pain;
    • Reducing spasm in the joint and surrounding tissues;
    • Cartilage recovery is faster;
    • The regeneration process of joints and tissues around it is also accelerated;
    • The composition of the joint fluid is improved, which also has a positive effect on the rate of recovery;
    • In chronic pathologies, the patient often notices an improvement in the quality of life.

    The method is often used as part of complex therapy for the rehabilitation of injured patients. Recovery in this case is faster.

    Using the method for joint damage

    The procedure is actively used by orthopedists to restore the musculoskeletal system. Diseases can be acute and chronic. The method is used as part of a comprehensive treatment. Indications for this form of recovery are injuries requiring surgery, arthrosis, as well as rehabilitation therapy after surgery. When treating arthrosis, therapy is the only option for pain relief. Also, the method is indispensable in the treatment of injuries to the cruciate ligaments and menisci.

    The procedure is prescribed for the following indications:

    • Arthritis and arthrosis;
    • Ligament, muscle and tendon injuries. They also include tears, and sprains;
    • Chronic forms of injuries associated with professional sports;
    • Tenosynovitis;
    • Broken bones;
    • Plantar fasciitis;
    • Achilles bursitis;
    • Ligament and tendon pathologies that have become chronic.

    The method is also called plasmolifting, and is widely used not only in orthopedics, but also in other areas of medicine, including dentistry, cosmetology, plastic surgery and dermatology. The doctors of our clinic use plasma with a high platelet count for the following purposes:

    • Hair loss (alopecia) treatment;
    • Carrying out anti-aging procedures;
    • Using the method to solve various aesthetic problems.

    Despite the fact that this method of therapy began to be used in sports medicine not so long ago, it has become widely known around the world due to its effectiveness. The main advantage of the procedure is the ability to relieve the patient of pain, as well as accelerate the restoration of movement. According to statistics, when using this method for fractures, tissue fusion occurs several times faster than usual. Achilles tendon rupture is often without surgery.

    The doctors of our clinic use modern methods of treatment that have proven their effectiveness and help patients return to normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

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