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PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

  • PRP therapy: so that youth is preserved for a long time

    For decades, people in Germany and Western Europe have been able to look forward to increasing life expectancy. Thanks to modern anti-aging methods, it is also possible to keep a youthful and good appearance.
    One of the latest anti-aging methods is the so-called PRP therapy (platelet rich plasma), which is also offered in our studio. With this method, also known as autologous blood therapy or Dracula therapy, the organism is stimulated with its own blood or plasma rich in platelets. This method is particularly successful in the treatment of wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and the treatment of hair loss. 

    What does anti-aging mean?

    Anti-aging is the term used to describe all the measures by which the biological aging process of humans can be slowed down. In the long term, this means a longer life, but also a higher quality of life in old age. Anti-aging plays a role not only in cosmetics, but also in nutritional science, sports medicine and even general medicine, where the treatment of typical age-related diseases is becoming increasingly important.

    In particular, cosmetic anti-aging such as PRP therapy is worth mentioning because the most obvious sign of the aging process is skin aging, which usually begins around the age of 25 and is mainly noticeable through the formation of wrinkles. The reason for this process: The cells of the skin are no longer renewed as quickly as in previous years and the skin's ability to store moisture decreases. In later years, a larger proportion of the structural protein collagen is broken down in the deep layers of the skin, so that the elasticity of the skin decreases. This aging process of the skin can be intensified considerably by external influences, especially by UV radiation.

    Counteract the aging process with PRP therapy

    As a cosmetic anti-aging method, PRP therapy can be used in various areas to counteract the natural aging process of the skin.

    These successes are evident:

    • the overall appearance of the skin is improved, the skin is tightened and wrinkles are smoothed
    • Significantly faster healing of the traces of peeling and laser applications
    • hair growth can be stimulated
    • Cellulite and stretch marks treatment

    Regardless of its use for anti-aging, PRP therapy is also used in medicine and cosmetic surgery, for example in:

    • the enlargement of the lips
    • a volume build-up in the area of ​​the face
    • Accelerates the healing process for critical wounds in many medical fields
    • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
    • Promote hair growth

    This is how the treatment works

    The customer who opts for PRP therapy will have blood drawn at the beginning of the treatment. This is then processed so that the tapped blood contains highly concentrated proteins, platelets and other growth factors. This mixture ensures that the regeneration of cells, but also the synthesis of collagen and the renewal of the skin is stimulated. This preparation only takes a few minutes, so that the customer only has to complete one session per treatment.

    Once the blood is prepared, it is injected where it is desired to rejuvenate the skin or where wrinkles are to be treated. The great advantage of the PRP method is that the rejuvenating factors for the skin are obtained from the customer's body and no artificial additives or other foreign substances have to be injected. The PRP application stimulates cell renewal on the one hand, but also stimulates the growth of cells in deeper layers of the skin on the other.

    This can significantly slow down the natural aging process. The PRP method also convinces with a longer-lasting effect. However, it can take a while before the effect is actually visible because the cells of the skin and subcutaneous tissue do not renew immediately.

    This is how the PRP method works in detail

    As soon as the blood has been drawn, it is centrifuged with prp tubes. In this way, the platelet-rich blood plasma with growth factors is obtained.

    No further treatment of the patient's own blood is necessary for the PRP method, because the individual components of the blood are arranged in different layers due to the action of centrifugal force. The blood is broken down into erythrocytes, platelet-poor plasma, and platelet-rich plasma. In medicine, for example, gels are also produced from the latter, which are used for the treatment of wound healing, in particular in the case of chronic wounds. While PRP applications have only been used successfully in cosmetics for a few years, the bioactivating effect has been known in medicine since the 1960s.


    As soon as the platelet-rich blood is separated from the other building blocks of the blood, the platelets are activated and then the plasma is injected into the skin. This leads to the fact that the connective tissue cells are activated. This in turn stimulates the production of the two structural proteins elastin and collagen. Both have the effect that the skin looks firmer again shortly after use. This method can also be used to smooth out wrinkles.

    In addition, the PRP therapy increases the formation of hyaluronic acid. This binds more water and the skin can store more moisture again. This also counteracts the aging of the skin because it loses the ability to store moisture from around the age of 25.

    Furthermore, after injecting PRP plasma, mesenchymal stem cells accumulate in the affected area. Together with the increased formation of structural proteins, these stem cells make a significant contribution to tissue regeneration.


    What exactly does the PRP application do?

    Customers who opt for this form of autologous blood therapy will soon be able to observe a significantly better complexion in the mirror. After the application, both the skin and the connective tissue are renewed, so to speak, from the inside out.

    However, the result is not immediately apparent because the injection initially causes a controlled inflammation in the skin. As soon as the old cells are shed and new tissue has formed, the skin appears overall healthier, more vital and significantly younger than before.

    In order to achieve a good result, we recommend at least 3 treatments at least one month apart. An annual refresher can then be sufficient. The success of the treatment and the frequency of the PRP sessions, however, depend on the respective status of the skin. The treatment of hair loss with PRP therapy is the same as the facial treatment, but must be repeated at regular intervals, at least 3-5 times a year.

    Several sessions are also necessary for the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks.


    Does PRP therapy have any side effects?

    Because only the body's own substances are used in this form of autologous blood therapy, allergic reactions to the treatment can be almost completely ruled out. Just the injection can cause some side effects. The most common symptoms include reddening of the skin around the puncture site and small bruises.

    Before the treatment, however, the customers should have a preliminary talk in the cosmetic studio. You can already see how knowledgeable our employees are and how hygienically work is carried out in the studio. Because if these injections are done improperly or if little attention is paid to hygiene in a studio, it can also lead to unwanted infections. However, more serious side effects are only known if the blood is enriched with other substances.

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