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10 Surprising Facts About Sex You Should Know About

  • Sex is an essential part of relationships. As statistics shows, the average adult has sex 54 times a year, or an average of about once a week. Even if you have sex often, you can still be unaware of many things related to sex. In this article, we have gathered 10 surprising facts about sex you should know about.

    1. Sex can ease a headache

    If you often refuse to have sex because of a headache, you should know that this is a lame excuse. The point is that sex, especially orgasm can help ease your pain. Orgasm boosts the production of “feel-good’ chemicals called endorphins that have pain-relieving properties. 

    2. It is easier to reach orgasm in warm socks

    Some studies show that it is easier to reach orgasm if you wear warm socks and the room is warm as well. A warm environment helps relax your body and sex will become more pleasant. As a result, an orgasm will also occur faster.

    3. Birth control pills can suppress your libido

    Many women who take birth control pills admit that they have a decreased libido. You should know that hormonal birth control suppresses ovulation and makes periods lighter. But at the same time, they impact the production of hormones that are responsible for sex drive. 

    4. Additional lubrication can make sex better

    Many people think that lubricants can be used only during anal sex or in the case of vaginal dryness. But the point is that many people tend to skip foreplay and this can make sex less comfortable. If you want to make it better, try to use additional lubrication. 

    5. There are foods that can improve your sex drive

    If you want to make your sex brighter, you can try to eat certain foods before intercourse. These foods are called aphrodisiacs and they contain chemicals that can affect your sex drive. The most common of them are:

    • artichokes
    • asparagus
    • chocolate
    • figs
    • oysters
    • spicy chili peppers
    • strawberries
    • watermelon

    6. Some drinks can also improve your sex life

    According to scientists, pomegranate juice can be deemed the most exciting drink. This phenomenon can be related to the fact that it contains substances that affect hormones, causing attraction and passion. Research also shows that people who drink a lot of coffee also have more regular sex.

    7. Sex can improve your mood

    As mentioned above, orgasm can increase the production of endorphins. These chemicals are responsible for your mood and well-being. That’s why it is recommended to have more sex if you are prone to depression or mood changes. 

    8. Women have longer orgasms

    Most women tend to have longer orgasms than men. The reality is that a female orgasm can last for 20 seconds while men orgasm usually lasts for approximately 6 seconds. Researchers think that the duration of orgasm can be related to the number of nerve endings on the clitoris and penis. The clitoris has about 8000 processes of nerve fibers, while the penis has up to 4000.

    9. Sex during periods can make them less painful

    Many people think that it is not recommended to have sex during periods. But you should know that endorphins that are released during sex can also cope with painful period cramps. However, if your pain during periods is severe, it is better to visit a gynecologist for a thorough examination and treatment. 

    10. A vagina can increase in size during sex

    The average size of the vagina ranges from 2.75 inches to about 3¼ inches. The average erect penis size is 15.16 inches. When a woman becomes aroused, her vagina can double in the size. That’s why most women don’t experience pain or significant discomfort even during deep penetration. 

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