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All You Need to Know About Painless Dentistry

  • When you say you’re going to the dentist, you can be sure that your well-meaning friend will tell you a sad story, usually one that involves some level of suffering. Since dental care is a health area and occasionally medical procedures hurt, many people predict that it will be traumatic. 

    False. There is no valid reason why getting dental work done should hurt. In fact, painless dentistry is a standard of care that is increasingly the norm rather than the exception. It is neither an oxymoron nor a lie. Nowadays there are three types of painless dentistry that are utilized by dental specialists. 


    Sedation is used to completely settle a patient who is anxious, in pain, or uncomfortable during a procedure. There are many levels of sedation, including mild, moderate, and deep. The level of sedation determines whether the patient is totally, partially, or barely conscious. Oral sedation can be administered through tablet or liquid, inhaled, by intramuscular injection, or intravenously. The administration of sedation intravenously is riskier and requires close observation. This is helpful for operations that are a little more difficult, such as braces, crowns, caps, root canals, and bridges.

    Local anesthesia

    Your orthodontist will dry a portion of your mouth with cotton or air to prepare it for a treatment that needs a dental local anesthetic. The area where your dentist wishes to inject might also be numbed with a gel to numb the skin. If you are worried about getting an injection, this may be helpful.

    The medication will then be injected by your dentist into the area that needs to be numbed. You won't typically feel the needle. Most people only experience the sting of the drug as it enters their tissues.

    General anesthesia

    These anesthetics have an eight-hour maximum duration. That implies that for up to seven hours after having an anesthetic, you can have trouble speaking effectively or eating.

    Longer treatments or situations where high levels of anxiety could affect your recovery call for general anesthesia. Your muscles will be relaxed, you won't feel any pain, and you'll have amnesia from the treatment.

    The drug is administered intravenously or within respiratory tracts. The operation and the particular patient will determine the anesthetic level. The dangers associated with general anesthesia vary.

    The abovementioned methods of administering sedation are possible:

    Nitrous oxide

    Also known as laughing gas nitrous oxide is carefully delivered using a face mask. After the procedure, the patient should be able to drive home.


    Anesthesia is given through pills that are available in different strengths. Patients frequently feel so sleepy during procedures that they doze off.


    Medication is given intravenously (IV) and begins to work practically immediately. The dosage can be continuously monitored and changed by the doctor.

    A word about possible side effects

    You'll experience a state of relaxation l after receiving the sedatives, almost like sleepwalking. Due to your calm mood, you may also forget some of the steps of the treatment and your pulse might become slower.

    To make sure you're okay, dentists continuously check your respiration and heartbeat. There won't be anything to worry about once you're done, other than the fact that you won't be able to drive due to safety concerns, so you'll need to organize a ride with a friend or relative. Sure, after invasive procedures you must avoid eating for the recommended period of time (varies depending on your unique situation). Don’t be ashamed to ask about predicted effects such as nausea, fever, or anything else.

    Sedation dentistry may make the entire experience much simpler for you if you haven't been to the dentist in a while and are putting it off because of anxiety or fear of pain.

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