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Buy Famous Fildena 100 Capsule For Medicinal Condition Like ED

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    Fildena 100

    Erectile Dysfunction is a fairly common disorder that affects as many as 20% of males at some point in their lives. Erectile dysfunction can be define as the failure in men to get and keep hard erection at the time of having sexual activity with their partner. Fildena 100 capsule is a prescription that will help the people to have blast ant night by fighting over impotence. This erectile failure is a serious disorder that can remove joy out of relationship. Seeking treatment for this condition was considered taboo.

    The world has changed now and there are so many medicine that has helped millions of men to fight over impotence issue. Fildena 100 capsule is a generic medicine made from very successful chemical that is sildenafil citrate. ED can have a major impact on the quality of life and self-esteem of men who suffer from it. It becomes necessary to take help of fildena 100 medicine. Fildena has so many amazing doses you must try out all and choose your favorite one.

    Dosage of Fildena tablet:

    Fildena 25

    Fildena 50

    Fildena 150

    Fildena 100

    Fildena 120

    Fildena 200

    How To Take Fildena Capsule?

    Fildena capsule is an oral solution that will help the men to fight back impotence. Fildena should be taken only when it is needed. The medicine is prescribe to be taken with water at the time of having sexual activity. Plan your intake with regard to time of sexual activity. You can take fildena pill empty stomach or with meal but keep the meal light.  Fildena is a very powerful but it will only show effect in the presence of sexual activity.

    Here are the side effects listed below-






    Chest pain

    Faster heartbeat



    Blurred vision

    Lower libido

    Painful erections


    Difficulty in urinating

    Warnings And Precautions:

    Fildena capsule is an adult drug therefore it is not allowed to be taken to children.

    Do not overdose the tablet it is very dangerous for health.

    Remember you need to avoid smoking and drinking it reduces the impact of the medicine.

    Women should not use this medicine it is not meant for them.

    Do not perform any task that needs attention because the medicine makes men dizzy.

    You Can Buy Online

    After consulting your doctor you can buy fildena capsule online from our shop Mygeneric.com. Our pharmacy shop provides high quality and affordable ED medications worldwide. All our medicine are of high-quality and approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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